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How insurance plays in an individual's financial life ?

How insurance plays in an individual's financial life ? Risk is a chance related to expose to Danger. Risk is defined not only for the Management, but also for an individual. Risk Pertains anywhere though it should be planned and declared accordingly. Nowadays, there is a protection from risk called Insurance plays an important role in everyone's financial life. Dev Asish of was said about how the insurance impact in our life. One of his article he said, Yes. Buying Health Insurance protects your Wealth, not Health. So, generally insurance will very helpful to support your financial status. Coming to the nature of risk, the insurance which manages the risk and provide the protection from the loss of economic benefits that got from any assets. In the modern days, we cannot avoid the loss of like disabilities or death. If the loss is an earning person in his or her family, it leads to risk. By avoiding this unexpected one, one should cover with an Insurance w