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5 Quick Things to do in the Market Crash - 2020

5 Quick Things to do in the Market Crash - 2020 The Global Stock Market has risen rapidly from the Crash of March 2020. At the same time, the big question is whether the recessionary economy would recover faster. Most of the Listed Companies in India have reported their Q4FY20 earnings in the past two months. So, they are prepared to declare the Q1FY21 - quarterly results from the next month. While the Market predicted the economic downturn in advance and it was reacted before the Covid-19 Lock down. However the real Economic numbers are likely to come only on July and August 2020. Due to the Lengthy lock down, the Country's GDP could contract some and may be more. Inflation, Economic Growth - GDP, Industrial Production and Trade and Fiscal Deficit numbers would impact in the FY2020-21. The above said will drive the market in the upcoming weeks. Moreover the Global factors are also in the offing. However as a result of Optimism in the Market, it is mounting artificially. The real n