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What does Stock Delivery Percentage ?

What does Stock Delivery Percentage ? The Stock Market acts as a factor to reveal the gap between the Day Traders and Long Term Investors, in the name of Share Distribution. It can be referred as Stock or Share Delivery Percentage. Every trading must be completed in the same day for the Day Traders (Intra day), otherwise it would be square off. Likewise for the Short term (Swing) traders and Long Term investors, the shares cannot be sell in the same day and it would be add into their Demat account. Both Short term and Long term investors are not going to sell their shares on the day they are bought. So, it is called as Delivery of Shares in the Stock Exchange. They simply took that Shares to their account. The Price of a particular share traded in the market is subject to volatility, where the price reacts with low and high on the same day. At the end of the day, it will close in a certain price, called as Closing Price for the Stock. These details will be published by the Stock Exchan