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India's Trade Deficit -Q1FY23 - A Brief Overview

 India's Trade Deficit - Q1FY23 - A Brief Overview The Nation's Trade Deficit stood at USD 30 Billion at the end of July 2022. Imports were increased by 43 Percent and the Exports increased by 2.5 Percent. The Export volume was USD 66.27 Billion and the Imports at USD 36.27 Billion. Generally, the gap between Exports and Imports is called as Trade Deficit (EXIM) or Balance of Trade. India's Major imports are Mineral Fuels, Oil, Iron and Steel, Pearls, Precious Stones and Jewellery. Exports include Petroleum products, Jewellery, Vehicles, Grains, Machinery, Pharmaceutical products and Chemicals. In terms of Imports, we mostly get Goods and Services from China. In the year 2021, China were contributed 16 Percent of India's Total Imports, followed by 7.6 Percent from the United Arab Emirates(UAE) and 7.3 Percent from the United States.  It is noteworthy that China's contribution alone is about USD 87.50 Billion. We are getting Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Machi

India's Trade deficit narrowed to USD 11.25 Billion - December 2019

India's Trade deficit narrowed to USD 11.25 Billion - December 2019 The key factors driving the Indian Stock Market in 2020 are Budget India 2020 which will be presented in February, Crude Oil Changes, Changes in Automobile and Technology, US Elections and Trade tension between nations. So there will be no famine for the Stock Market in the upcoming months. Most of the Global stock indices had ended with a positive returns in the last year 2019. However there is no denying that an uncertainty environment exists worldwide. Already the US Stock Indices and Indian Stock Market - both at its high. It is better to invest in Mid cap and Small Cap stocks based on Fundamentals rather than seeing the market at its high. India's Trade deficit narrowed to USD 11.25 Billion in the month of December 2019. Earlier, it was said to USD 12.12 Billion in the month of November 2019. Imports were fell down to 8.8 Percent year on year to USD 38.61 Billion. This is happened due to import of Transpor

India's Export down in June - Trade War Impact

India's Export down in June - Trade War Impact The Country's Merchandise Exports went down for the first time in this year 2019. Recently the Ministry of Commerce report said that Trade exports in June 2019, totaled to USD 25.01 Billion - down 9.71 percent as compared from the year ago period. Exports in June were also seen as the lowest level in the past nine months. Imports were also fell by 9 percent. June imports totaled to USD 40.29 Billion. So, the trade deficit for India in June 2019 stood at USD 15.28 Billion. Exports of Petroleum products fell by 33 percent, Gems & Jewellery at 11 percent, 28 Percent by Rice and Engineering goods fell by around 3 Percent. However Iron Ore exports grew by 155 Percent in the month of June. Electronic products were raised by 44 percent and Ceramics & Glassware products up by 20 Percent in the Exports Side. Spices, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals have seen significant growth in Export for India in June 2019. India's exports were decl

India Trade deficit fell to USD 14.73 Billion in January 2019

India Trade deficit fell to USD 14.73 Billion in January 2019 The Country's Trade deficit fell to USD 14.73 Billion in the last month, Exports were grew by 3.74 percent to USD 26.36 Billion. The Export numbers mostly driven by Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Ready made garments, Gems and Jewellery and the Engineering Goods. The Sale of Chemicals were increased by 15.56 percent, Pharmaceuticals by 15.2 percent, Ready made garments were at 9.33 percent, Gems and Jewellery by 6.67 percent and Engineering Goods by 1.07 percent growth in the Exports. Imports in the last month January 2019, were stood at USD 41.09 Billion. India's trade deficit were also decreased to USD 14.73 Billion. The Trade deficit of during the same period in the year of 2018, was seen at USD 15.67 Billion. The Import of Gold rose by 38 percent to USD 2.31 Billion. Last year in the January 2018, the Gold import was seen at $ 1.8 Billion. For India, the trade deficit for the last 10 months in this current Financial