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6 (SIX) QUICK PRINCIPLES FOR SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS   Last week I had a chance to meet a webinar session of the great business man, T. Harv Eker. It was an one hour session about Business from, ‘ Zero to Multimillionaire ’. Such a wonderful meet with Mr. Harv online, he had a things of business strategy and given to everyone with a basic understanding. Mr. T. Harv Eker is the author of the popular, ‘ Secrets of the Millionaire Mind ’ book, which includes a collection of mental attitudes that facilitate wealth. This book appeared as a No.1  on the New York times best seller.  His articles and seminars are the famed in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Plenty of business words are discussed and got an inspired touch. Here I like to give you shortly about the things I learnt there. We just think about the business, is needy of money and experience to be successful. But, it’s not true on that manner; however these two things are the basic complementary. He is telling the basic thing about stop d