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10 Commandments not to inspire you, but to Practice

10 Commandments not to inspire you, but to Practice We have reached the end of the year 2018. This year we may have been Ups and Downs. The year to end has given us many learning. But, we must try to change ourselves. If you want to change the world, just start with yourself first. Some of the things shared by my friend Mr. Yaagneshwaran Ganesh , was not only encouraging me, but also the actions we need to implement in each of our lives. These things you may already know or heard in your daily life. However the things are very fruitful. It gives more pleasure or satisfaction, when we practice but not only to inspire. It's not only for the Entrepreneurship. The Ten Commandments for each of us, Do not respond to Negativity Give without expecting to get Do not Nitpick as a hobby Create personal learning network of Friends Promote others good work. Do not try to sell, instead Educate Remember, your tone of Voice matters Connect with people honestly Choose to be kind over clever Keep th