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How to transfer or convert your Physical Shares into Demat Format ?

How to transfer or convert your Physical Shares into Demat Format ? Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) already published a notification that there is a restriction on transfer of Physical Shares (Materialized Format) after December 5, 2018 ( Extended - Before April 1, 2019 ). In view of the Investor Protection, one cannot transfer of his physical shares after this December 5 . SEBI always keen to watch the market whether any unusual transactions are going on behalf of the Investor awareness and Protection. So, any investor holding their shares in a physical format is a difficulty one after the mentioned date. Better to serve and do the part (Converting) earlier is a good choice for the investors, but for the traders it's not an issue due to their trade setup. Nowadays, Trade Terminal of the Stock brokers were also enhanced with the technology so that clients or the investors of the broker can ease to transact in the market. After this notification of Physical shares to


WHY WAS I BORN - THE DIPLOMACY OF MONEY   Vanakkam (Welcome) to everyone, why was I born ? I am not a usual. I was created. My creation, path of traveling, contribution, benefits, my present scenario, I will discuss it as by biography of myself. Do you know ? I am not necessary for ancient people, because they are exchanged the commodity for their needs. In ancient Tamil age, Paddy was the important crop, even nowadays too. It’s the medium of exchange for trade among the people. Likewise pearls, elephant tusk, sugarcane, salt, clothes, millet, pepper, gold ornaments, etc. Especially, trade with the foreign countries, Paddy was exchanged with pearls, cotton, glass ornaments, wines, coral, etc. Some important foreign countries have strong bonding with inland traders. Sometimes, they exchanged the commodity with their Gold coins. Centuries are passed. Old method of trading change into new. How I was created ? I could tell in the upcoming lines. People who went to sell the goods, they need

20 Common FAQs on NPS(National Pension System)

20 Common FAQs on NPS(National Pension System)   National Pension System (NPS) is a Voluntary Defined Contribution Pension System, initiated by Government of India. It is also called as ‘New Pension Scheme’ as the Government decided to stop the Defined Benefit Pension system and started this NPS for all its employees who had joined after January 1st, 2004. At the early stage, this new system launched only for the Government Employees under the Govt. of India, and then it was opened for all Citizens of India. The NPS is nothing but, a pension cum investment scheme, where a little contribution made by the Employees and Employers like a Provident fund in a NPS account and it’s just planned for the long term retirement fund. The derived amount of contribution from both the employees and employers would be invested in a market based fund and returns were also depending upon the market and deliver in the retirement stage. The NPS is regulated by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development A

Monthly trading activity of FII and DII vs Nifty - July 2018

Monthly trading activity of FII and DII vs Nifty - July 2018   Today ( 12-07-2018 ) Nifty and Sensex crossed 11000 and 36600 points respectively. Sensex also hit a record high and Reliance Industries makes a history as a 100 Billion USD Market cap after the TCS. This week stock market is moving on Global trend like Trade war between US and China, Crude movement, Upcoming Economical statistics, Dollar moving, and recent quarterly results. The Nifty points are traveling positively with a 12 percent yield to return for the past one year. The last three year YTD is at 29.50 % and the sensex gives a yield of 14.20 percent in the last 12 months average. For a long term investing, it's not just about the Fundamental analysis with the business numbers, but also looking out the trading activity is a good one. The Last 10 years of trading activity of FII and DII is a suitable one to analyse and compared with Nifty. Here, you can see the below data of the last 6 months - FII and DII vs Nif