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How to create wealth (Practically) ?

How to create wealth (Practically) ?   Simple and Really ! Few simple steps to Create Wealth by your small amount of money / Business:   Buy a small Ruled Note book (or) Download ‘ Expense Manager ’ App on your Mobile. Write / Note down your Day-to-Day Expenses; After Completing a month, Make a total of your expenses with some specific titles on Grid (Like Travel, Mobile Phone and Data Expenses, Food, Electricity, Medical, House Rent,Entertainment,Tour,etc) Do it for the next 3 months and try to draw a Comparison Chart / Trend of Monthly Expenses. Now, you can know the Clearance of your expenses, where it goes… Follow your rule like as, [ My Monthly Pay - Savings = Spend ]; Now, you have a salary per month and also knowing about your monthly expense through the First 3 Steps. For Savings, you just go to the next step. Buy or Steal, ‘ Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Book . Read only Hard Book, don’t go for the Kindle Edition or Soft copy. (Read only Hard Covered Book that will ma