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India's Automobiles Sales Data in May 2020

India's Automobiles Sales Data in May 2020 The Lock down was imposed through out the Country last April as a result of Coronavirus Impact (Covid-19). The Sales and Earnings are not favorable for the Auto sector and this industry have been hit by a year and a half. The Leading companies in this sector were unable to sold even a Single Vehicle in the month of April. However the Lock down has been relaxed in the month of May. The Curfew eased slightly after the second week of May 2020. As a result, Manufacturing and Service Companies were allowed to run their business with certain restrictions. Last month, Maruti Suzuki sold about 18,539 Vehicles. Of these, 13,888 were local sales and 4,651 were exported. The total number of vehicles sold in May 2019 was 1,34,640. So for the May 2020, the Vehicle sales were down by 86 Percent as compared to the past for Maruti Suzuki. Mahindra & Mahindra has sold about 9,560 Vehicles in the month of May 2020. There were 9,076 vehicles sold domesti