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Important Personal Finance Ratios

Important Personal Finance Ratios   The Personal Finance position of an individual predominantly indicates the ability to manage its current and future needs and expenses. The income of an individual may getting from a Job or Business or from the Created Assets to generate a passive income. Generally, Assets created by an individual are helpful to get an income and also for the Future Capital appreciation. Assets are also used to meet the future expenses of a person or his family, if the regular income from a job or business as insufficient. So, we need a sufficient income with a efficient way like protecting our regular income, asset protection needs, prepare for the unexpected expenses. Likewise, we are looking for the Insurance planning and Retirement planning to overcome the unexpected ones. There are so many financial ratios for the personal finance, but we are here to form some of the most important financial ratios. Savings Ratio:   The Savings Ratio is a personal financial rati

Goal Alias Hole - The Identity of Aimed Life

Goal Alias Hole - The Identity of Aimed Life   If we ask question to anyone about your Aim or Goal in your life. It is applicable to everyone on any age even Child, Student, Parent, Employee, Entrepreneur, Politician or any more. They started their dreams and tell about the aim or goal for their day life. For a Child, the goal may - Need to grown up and then just getting everything. So, Growth is a goal for the child. A Student can think his goal like getting I-phone, Sports Bike. As a Father, he needs to earn more and buy a luxury home for his family, a good vacation and a mother wants to buy a new saree or Jewellery. An Employee want to show up his talents to the boss or employer, so that he can get a hike of his salary. Politicians looking for their goals like becoming a member of Ministry. As an Entrepreneur, he hardly wants to be rich and one of the best part in his industry. From the goals that we have seen, we can find there is a two thing common in everyone's life, DREAM

The Purpose for your Business Startup

The Purpose for your Business Startup   Do you have a purpose for your Business Startup ? The Purpose of business is to help to grow and attain its objectives. Our aim should be minted with Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Related and Time bounded. We really want a purpose to starting a business. There are so many ways to starting a business, but an idea or purpose is to be set before the begin. Here are few simple things to start, For Instance, you have a purpose of being Financially Independent or Donor or Problem solver. You cannot tell simply as i want more money. You just need an idea or purpose to start your business. Being Financially Independent is a purpose and on the same you need to create a Goal for your purpose. Like Creating a passive income while sleeping for your purpose to be financially free. After your goal of creating passive income, analyse how would you to start to generate a passive income opportunities. Being an Entrepreneur or Online Entrepreneur is your optio

Health and Wealth - The Investing Buddies

Health and Wealth - The Investing Buddies   While planning for the Asset Allocation, we have a sections of assets - create diversification by dividing assets. Diversification is an important factor on Investing, the Investing strategy looks like how we take care of our health. Similarly, Wealth is equal to our Health. If we look both these, it mostly suggests a better reason why we need it all times. In a Financial term, there are two friends and two enemies were working together. Power of Compounding and Equity Investing are the two friends. Inflation and Taxation are the two enemies for everyone in their financial life. You know neither or not, there is a sharp knife that hurts your dream - It's Inflation . Recently we know that taxes were disturbing Long term capital gains on equity, after the Budget India 2018 announcement. Here, we can see how the Health and Wealth correlate, Health Investing vs Wealth Investing:   Health Investing: Getup Early is the key factor for a go

Why not 100 percent in Stocks ?

Why not 100 percent in Stocks ? “In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine.”  Benjamin Graham The British born American Investor and the Father of value investing, "Benjamin Graham" said the above quote that how the Market reacts as a machine, so which one you need. He also advises you never to had more than 75 % on your total assets in Shares. It is not advisable for everyone to making a whole in the same financial asset. You should diversify it to reduce the risk. You are one of them, if you - Have set aside enough cash to support your family for at least one year. Will be investing steadily for at least 20 years to come. Survived the bear market when it starts Did not sell shares during the Bear market. Bought more shares during the Bear time. The Investor should aware about the Market Fluctuations and also the possibilities. Then he should be prepared for them both financially and psychologically. On Inve

Motivation - An illusion or illumination ?

Motivation - An illusion or illumination ?   Why Motivation plays a big role in a life of human beings. A Child needs a motivation from the parents to wake without slippery. A Student need a motivation from the teacher to score a good grade. An Employee needs a motivation from his boss to work effectively. We are seeing from the Day-to-Day life motivation and also its become an essential one.   Can i give a Motivation Speech ?   Sounds good, who is authentic to give a motivation speech ?  People have a mindset related to motivation that they have a criteria. Who is eligible to give the motivation where they give their ears to hear. That is,   " SUCCESS PEOPLE IS ELIGIBLE TO GIVE MOTIVATION "     But in a real world - Parents, friends, relatives having the quality to give motivation. Yet we are not accepting such motivation. Due to this, everyone just stubborn in their mind and fill the space with Celebrity, Well being Entrepreneur or the famous one. It's the reason behind

Mobilize Investment Opportunities - How it works for me

Mobilize Investment Opportunities - How it works for me     We are talking about Savings and Investing together. On the part of money, it's not about the same. Savings is a simple method to putting your money in a low risk instrument or nothing. It may yields some, but not as strong to beat the inflation. Your target is to make secure on your money. However, Investing is purely a risky one, a chance of losing your money at anytime. The Return on Investing gives a Risk - Reward consumption. Beating the inflation at a great and aware about the Knowledge of Investing. Everyone puts their money into the Budget Planning today and waits for the 'NULL'. I am saying that they are ready to prepare for the budget , but not planned to save. One of my Tech friend, telling his budget planning from X (Income) to Y(Expenses) - But he committed not to save. So, Where is the Y (Saving) ? Everyone is saying not having money to save or invest. Then, what about your Survival of the fittest ?