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Should you buy ITC LTD now ? Fundamental Analysis

Should you buy ITC LTD now ? - Fundamental Analysis The Indian Multinational Group ITC Ltd was established in the year 1910, the company is a major manufacturer of Tobacco Products. Not only Tobacco manufacturing and Selling, but also the ITC Brands are wide in the different segments like Food Products, Personal Care, Paper Products, Pooja Products, Dairy & Agriculture based, Packaging Industry and Hotels. It's specific brands are Aashirvaad Atta, Wills, Gold Flake, Kings, Classmate Notebooks & Other Stationery, Mangaldeep, Sheraton, Fortune and Grand Chola Hotels, Snack items like Sun feast Biscuits, Candy man, Bingo and Yippee. The current Chairman and Managing Director of the ITC Company is Mr. Sanjiv Puri and the company headquartered in Kolkata, India. ITC Ltd has reported its revenue of Rs. 52,000 Crore for the FY2018-19. It's Net Profit was around Rs. 12,800 Crore in the said period. The Company has a Total Assets of USD 10 Billion in the end of FY2019 and there

How to create a long term asset by Stocks - Lesson 2

How to create a long term asset by Stocks ? - Lesson 2 We can add a wealth of excellence only through Long term Investing in stocks or shares. Generally, Bank Deposits and Postal Savings are referred as Small Savings Schemes. When it comes to Investing, the risk is always there. If there are fluctuations or volatile, then it is said to be as 'INVESTING'. Otherwise, it is just a Savings. For example, Bank and Postal Deposits are offering fixed rate of interest. Hence there is low risk or No risk on these savings instruments. These savings cannot afford Inflation and Tax Liability. Where in the investing, there is a risk between moderate to High. Better returns that can beat inflation and provide Tax Concessions. And it has a volatile - Up - Down - Up - Down. This is what the Gold, Silver, Real Estate and Business are doing regularly. That is the reason we can increase our wealth in the long run. Without volatile, we cannot make huge money or create wealth. We have to lookout at

Stock Market - Global Indices - 2019 Yearly Returns Data

Stock Market - Global Indices - 2019 Yearly Returns Data We are on the verge of ending 2019. There are nearly two weeks to complete this Calendar Year. The Key Market Indicators like the United States and Europe are UP in the year 2019. Similarly, the Indian Stock Market Indices both the Nifty50 and BSE Sensex 30 are trading in the Green for this year. The United States - NASDAQ 100 soared 32 Percent, where the Dow Jones have 19.15 Percent as on date of 16th December, 2019. The S & P 500 Index is up by 25 Percent and the Brazil's iBovespa rose by 29 Percent. The Key indices of Argentina and Colombia were also increased this year. For the European Markets, FTSE 100 rose by 12 Percent, where the DAX were traded with 23.85 Percent returns for this year. France Index CAC 40 and Russia MOEX rose by 25 Percent and 28 Percent respectively. FTSE MIB and IBEX35 were also rose by 26 Percent and 10.55 Percent respectively in this year 2019. In the Asian Markets, Nifty50 and Sensex were up

Equity Investing Secrets - Lesson 1

Equity Investing Secrets - Lesson 1 Investing is an art for Wealth Creation. Although the Investing game with Equity varies in short to mid to Long term, and finally your long term friends succeeds. That's why i am happy to be a Long term Investor - Lot of Patience needs. For most of the human, the desire to make money immediately, to become Quick Rich. But there is no such thing has yet been found. There is no such secret to become Rich, but it's Wealth Creation Forever. And that is the reason why the Richest people in the world are more interested to build the Wealth and Relationship in the long run. The word, 'GROWTH' is defined to a Long term. We need time to grow our investments. If you are becoming a Millionaire in the next 5 years, then what next to do ? It's a $ Million question that you cannot quit your Career or Business after 5 years. We need experience, We need the continuous growth, We need profits and we really need a Wealth forever. So, we are trying

India Interest Rate - One year Look 2019

India Interest Rate - One year Look 2019 The Country's economy has been slowdown for the past year and a half. The GDP growth has been also come down from 8 Percent (July 2018) to 4.5 Percent now. Inflation has been steadily rising for the past few months due to prices of Vegetable, Milk Products and Pulses. As per the Past data shown in the Trading Economics website, India's Inflation was 4.17 Percent in the period of July 2018 and now it is at 4.62 Percent. It was seen as low of 1.97 Percent in January 2019. The Inflation is likely to raise in the upcoming months. For the past one year, the Bank REPO rate seems pretty low. This favors for the Borrowers and at the same time, it won't favor for the Fixed Depositors. The Bank's REPO rate, which stood at 6.5 Percent in the second half of Last year. Now, it is showing at 5.15 Percent. Till date the Central Bank (RBI) has reduced the REPO rate by 135 Points in one year. It is noteworthy that the bank (REPO) rate was lowered

Best 5 Funds to invest in 2020 - Children's Gift Mutual Funds

Best 5 Funds to invest in 2020 - Children's Gift Mutual Funds While preparing for a Financial Planning, setting a Goal is essential for any investments. The Financial goal may be Short, Mid term or Long term. However it should be planned with a Goal Name like Retirement Planning, Child Education, Marriage, Buying a Home or Emergency Fund. Nowadays we cannot predict the value of Education and Medical Expenditure. This is why when it comes to getting Health Insurance for the Family to cover medical expenses and it benefits everyone in the family. When it comes to Child Education, most of us fail to plan it properly. We need to plan ahead to cover the cost of Children's Higher Education. When planning for the upbringing of children, we must keep in mind that it is a long term goal. For example, if the age of child is about One year, then we have a period of 16 years to achieve the Goal like Higher Education. So with that in mind, it is better to have a returns that goes beyond inf

GDP and Inflation in India - Thumbnail View

GDP and Inflation in India - Thumbnail View GDP and Inflation are subject to change at different times in Different Countries. These two are the main economic factors for any country. Inflation is nothing but a rising prices of Essential Commodities and a decline in the purchasing value of money. In a nutshell, if the price of essential commodities is going up, then we will say that the prices are Rising - It's Inflation. There are other two things called Deflation and Stagflation. Deflation happens, when the commodity prices are going negative, which is seen as very cheap. The value of Deflation is under Zero. While this may cause to Unemployment and Poor wages. The reason is that the commodities are not getting the Right price. Stagflation is like a Stagnating, a combination of Rising Unemployment, High Inflation and there is a slow down. On the other hand, Gross Domestic Product is the Total value of Goods and Services produced by a country over a period of time. It is usually c