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Investment Returns - Real Rate vs Nominate Rate ?

Investment Returns - Real Rate vs Nominate Rate ? Which one is better for my investment, Real Rate or Nominate Rate ? Basically, the return on an investment defined on a Nominal Rate . So, we have to know, what is a Nominal Rate of Return : A Bank Fixed deposit gives you a 10 % interest (per annum) for your investment. Then, the nominal rate is also 10 % as it reflects the same. So, there is no need for any deduction from the interest bank pays you. When the Nominal rate is adjusted with the inflation rate is known as, " Real Rate of Return ". The Real Rate of return helps the investor(s) to adjust with the inflation and getting to know the exact returns on your hand. Let us see the example, A Bank FD gives you a 10 % interest (p.a) and the inflation rate is at 4 %, then the approximate real rate is: Nominal rate of return (or) Interest Rate - Inflation Rate 10 % - 4 % = 6 %  (An approximate real rate on easy calculation) Effects of Real Rate of  Return: Usually, the Nomi