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Why Estate Planning should be mandatory ?

Why Estate Planning should be mandatory ? Do you know about Investing Expenses ? The expenses that can generate (or) produce an income, so that we can save / invest a part of money, would be deducted from our Regular Salary or Business income like as other expenses. We daily saving / investing for our Goal based information. We regularly seeing what about our yield to date (YTD) on Returns. Our Dream goals are better and far more, it may be 20 years or 30 years or more than that. We depositing in a bank, mutual funds, stocks, realty, gold, etc. We are telling these investment instruments  will for the future of our Children. But, would you know, it's exactly fit for our kids or will settle as 100 percent for our kids ? We can't know. That's why we are talking about, ' The Estate Planning'. It's not just like a simple as we are thinking a Real Estate Property. The Estate Planning: “What makes greatness is starting something that lives after you.” So, we should ma