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Infosys reported a net profit of Rs.5,945 Crore in Q1FY24 - Quarterly Results

 Infosys reported a net profit of Rs.5,945 Crore in Q1FY24 - Quarterly Results   Infosys Limited - India's second largest IT Company after TCS, recently reported it's first quarterly results for the Financial year 2023-24. In the said April - June quarter, the company's revenue was Rs.37,933 Crore and the expenditure is said to be Rs.28,869 Crore as well. The Operating Profit were stood at Rs.9,064 Crore and the Operating Profit Margin(OPM) of 24 Percent in the First quarter of FY2024. It is noteworthy that the average of Quarterly OPM's are above 24 Percent for Infosys Limited. As other income, the company earned Rs.561 Crore in the June Q1 results.   Profit Before Tax(PBT) were stood at Rs.8,362 Crore and the bottom line which was the Net Profit is said to be Rs.5,945 Crore. As compared to the previous year's June quarter 2022-23, the current revenue has grown by 10 Percent and the Net Profit has also grown by 11 Percent. In the Past, the EPS was stood at Rs.12.74

Tech Companies Quarterly Results - Q4FY20

Tech Companies Quarterly Results - Q4FY20 The Quarterly Financial Results are in the trend for the Q4FY20 - Listed Companies. TCS, Infosys and Wipro are the Tech Companies were declared their Fourth Quarterly results for the Fiscal year 2019-20. For Wipro Ltd, the revenue was said to be Rs. 15,750 Crore and the Operating Profit was Rs. 3,119 Crore in the Q4FY20 report. The Profit before tax (PBT) was Rs. 2,966 Crore and the Net profit were stood at Rs. 2,326 Crore. The said above revenue was little higher than the same quarter of Previous fiscal year. At the same time, the Net profit fell about 6 Percent in the Q4FY20. The Sales growth has been increased by 6.5 Percent over the past 5 years. Similarly, the Compounded Profit growth were also up by 3 Percent in the Last five years for WIPRO Ltd. The Return on Equity were stood at 18.75 Percent over the 5 years period. However the Stock price has fallen 34 Percent over the past one year. The Tata Group - TCS were also announced its earnin

Asian Paints - Q3FY20 - Net Profit of Rs. 764 Crore

Asian Paints - Q3FY20 - Net Profit of Rs. 764 Crore - Quarterly Results Indian multinational company Asian Paints has been serving its business in the Paints Industry - Manufacturing, Selling and Distribution of Paints, Coatings, Decorative Products and other related services. Asian Paints had a 54 Percent Market Share in the Indian Paints Industry. It is the Premier Paint Company in India and the third largest in its sector in Asia. The Company was established in the year of 1942, which the Market Capitalization stands at Rs. 1.71 Lakh Crore. Currently, the Price to Earning ratio stood at 63 and the Book value is around Rs. 105. Debt to Equity ratio is 0.03, where the Debt of Rs. 312 Crore for this Paint Company. The Interest Coverage Ratio(ICR) is good at 36 Times which is good on Fundamentals. The Promoters holding of 53 Percent in this stock, where the Promoters Pledging of Shares were 13 Percent. Currently, the Market Price of this stock is trading at 17 Times of its Book value.