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MAKE IN INDIA – COMPLACENCY ?   After read the title, please don’t start your thinking that raising question about Government policy. Its related to that. Recent days, Newspapers, Magazine, Headlines are about well established employees left their high pay job and back to Agriculture and other business. It is that the new generation is doing revolution? Let’s see… In India during British colonial time, they introduced the tea and coffee. For that they cultivated the tea and coffee in Hill area. But the best qualities are exported to their countries. Nowadays, industries are exported the best one to foreign countries only. Dust and low quality for the inland trading. In old days, our people don’t have a habit of drinking tea. Really they don’t know about that. The British companies want to sell the dust tea to the local people. So, they planned to create a drinking habit of tea among the public. Companies are preparing a tea in the big barrel and entering to the street and give continuo

The Purpose for your Business Startup

The Purpose for your Business Startup   Do you have a purpose for your Business Startup ? The Purpose of business is to help to grow and attain its objectives. Our aim should be minted with Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Related and Time bounded. We really want a purpose to starting a business. There are so many ways to starting a business, but an idea or purpose is to be set before the begin. Here are few simple things to start, For Instance, you have a purpose of being Financially Independent or Donor or Problem solver. You cannot tell simply as i want more money. You just need an idea or purpose to start your business. Being Financially Independent is a purpose and on the same you need to create a Goal for your purpose. Like Creating a passive income while sleeping for your purpose to be financially free. After your goal of creating passive income, analyse how would you to start to generate a passive income opportunities. Being an Entrepreneur or Online Entrepreneur is your optio