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10 Stocks for Good Investing - Fundamental Analysis

10 Stocks for Good Investing - Fundamental Analysis Identifying good stocks or shares using Fundamental Analysis is an Investment Art. If we do that effectively, then our investment strategies will work for a long to create Wealth. I have given you few of the stocks using basic Fundamentals on Listed Companies. Examine yourself and find a good company stocks. These stocks are filtered by Screening using the website. I had also used some basic queries to filter these below stocks. The basic thumb rule was used in this method are Sales and Profit Growth, Return on Capital Employed, Return on Equity, Price to Earning Ratio, Promoters holding and Pledging of shares by the Promoters. The Screening Strategy follows that the Sales and Profit growth for the last 5 years is greater than 10 Percent, The 5 years ROE and ROCE should be more than 20 Percent, Debt to Equity ratio should be less than 0.5 and Price to Earning is said to be greater than 25. The Market Capitalization limit

How to Find good stocks simply in the Indian Stock Market ?

How to Find good stocks simply in the Indian Stock Market ? The Sensex Crossed 37,000 points in the Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) and Nifty50 has been got its support level at 11,000 and now it is trading above 11,200 points in the National Stock Exchange (NSE). The Election dates were also been announced in the last week, currently there are no other news that cannot bump into the Indian Stock Market, except the election messages. Generally, the Indian Stock Market's Indices have remained largely in the course of every Parliamentary election days. After the results of the election, the market has been mostly reached in a certain level and thereafter it went on Bullish. In this Current year 2019, it was seen as a period of time to buy shares between March and May. However, it is the challenge now to find out the good stocks as an Investor. While most of the stocks is on the rise, if the market is Bullish. But, Good and valuable shares only will give the investor a better return for th