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How is my Budget Planning today - April - June 2017 - PQFR

How is my Budget Planning today - April - June 2017 - PQFR As we had discussed the 'Budget Planning' in the past two posts. Here now, i am keen to submit my PQFR (Personal Quarterly Financial Report) for the Quarter - April - June 2017. Set your own Budget Planning How to set a simple Budget Planning 2017 The report below created by me, is based on the  Super Budget 50:30:20 On the report, my fixed expenses are vary due to Medical costs and grocery items on my relative appearance :)  kindly note that i mostly maintain the savings / investing above the Super Budget terms with 30 percent plus. I believe in savings / investing for my child and for the Retirement. So, it would insist me to Retire Early :-) You can also do the PQFR yourself and go further with honest :) If you interest to share any comments, i wish to listen for that RICH INVESTING IDEAS –

SIP vs Lumpsum Investing - The better choice

SIP vs Lumpsum Investing - The better choice   Which one can you choose, Rented Home (or) Lease (or) Buy it ? This is the choice we have for a home, as for the savings or investing, we had a plenty of investment products like Bank Savings and Deposits, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Realty, gold, etc. But, it's all about how we started it. As a traditional background in our country, we mostly choose our choice like Regular small savings from our grandparents. The old method of savings or investing are a collection box called as Hundial , Postal small savings, Bank fixed deposits, buying a gold in a very small quantity, purchasing a piece of land for our children. Nowadays, it becomes more fashion as the investment method changes slightly with a Regular savings frequency mode and a bulky amount of deal at once. That is what we called earlier, Recurring deposits and Fixed deposits. Now it comes with the word, " Systematic investment plan (Recurring) and a Lump sum investing (Fixe