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Five techniques for the Wealth Creation

 Five techniques for the Wealth Creation Just as there are two sides for a Coin, like wise the money we have needs two things to grow. No matter what investment plan we seek to invest in, the time and the return ratio give its value. Inflation, Taxation, Investing amount and other factors aside, it is the tenure and the investment rate or returns% that make a person Rich. Money that is earned quickly and easily in the short term can only bring great wealth if it is reinvested and waited to benefit in the long run. Otherwise, its capacity lives for a very short term. The Secret of Wealth is that the poor and middle income wants to make more profit in the short tenure, while the rich sow the money in the long run and wait, then makes a greater wealth. The so-called rich here are the ones who adhere to the Discipline of Investing. No matter what job we are looking for, we can simply follow and implement the thoughts of the Rich. Here we find Five key techniques for creating such Wealth, F

7 Ways to Invest Life like a Zen

7 Ways to Invest Life like a Zen (Zen Investing)   Investing is always like a Mantra. It focuses for a Long term in a silent way. I am not talking about the Speculation or a Short term, but for the Long term with a sip of Water. We know how the Buddha and Billgates created the Tremendous Empire. As they had a different goals to consider, but they had a life as a Zen. The Master Shunryu Suzuki said, Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine.     For a Long term Investor too, there are few ways to invest his life like a habit of Zen.   Invest Regularly and Stick to Fit: The most basic of Zen thought tells 'Work your day with little things and without any connection. You may walk alone for five minutes a day, Helping others what you have, Learn a language daily for 10 minutes or save Rs. 10/- daily for your kid - This is the way, how Buddha and Billgates grown on their Duty. So, Invest Regularly with any amount, but stick to it (Fit).