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5 Available opportunities during the times of Recession

5 Available opportunities during the times of Recession Even before the onset of Covid-19, the Economic downturn had been going on for the past two years. The Trade war between nations, Border tensions and rising Debt in Advanced Economies and Emerging countries pose a challenge to further growth. However the Recession is said to be as Cyclical beyond Political reasons. We must overcome the Economic downturn days. At the same time, the downturn can lead to unemployment, poverty, Changes in Government policies and a negative impact globally. In times like these where only negativity occurs and we can turn some healthy things into opportunity. You may have realized this in the current situation. Some of the opportunities, Minimalism - To Spend low Sustainability Living Various Job opportunities in Different sectors Back to Agriculture - on Demand (Food Thought) Investments in Multi Asset Options Considering the disadvantage we have got as an opportunity, we can try to get

Rising Gold Reserves - Indian Economy 2020

Rising Gold Reserves - Indian Economy 2020 As the Global Indices (Stock Market) continues to rise, the investment in Gold is in consolidation phase as in volatile in the recent weeks. India has been in slowdown on Economy since the year 2018. Accordingly, the Global economic indicators are also not in a favorable position. The Price of Gold, which has not risen between 2011-2018, however it has risen sharply over the past year and a half. The Gold ETF schemes has generated around 38 Percent returns in the last one year. Meanwhile, the BSE Sensex has grown by only 6 Percent in the past 52 week period. India's Trade deficit is rising again after Unlock of Covid-19. The Balance of Trade at the end of August 2020, was USD 6.77 Billion. Exports fell 13 Percent to USD 22.7 Billion, where imports fell 26 Percent to USD 26.47 Billion. Exports of Gems and Jewellery, Petroleum products declined significantly in the month of August 2020. But the Gold imports rose to USD 3.7 Billion last month

How to multiple your money in two simple steps ?

How to multiple your money in two simple steps ? If the Power of Compounding is the Eighth wonder of the world, then doubling your investment has become a Scam today. There are so many ponzi schemes roaming around the world today as i multiply my hard earned money. Despite the warning and awareness information coming from the Government, we need to be vigilant ourselves. We have seen the advertisement like, 'We will double your money in a few months, so that invest in our company'. If someone asked how they can double in a few months, they are telling that the money would invested in Stocks, Traded in Dollars, Buying Gold or Putting in a Real Estate. If there really was such a simple opportunity, how it could be easily available in the public ? It is the middle income people who are really caught up in the scam. These are the ones who get caught up in making money fast in the Short term. Bank Rates can fluctuate and so does Gold and Real Estate Investments. There is no word to