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Trading Activity of FII and DII - October 2021 - Indian Equity Market

 Trading Activity of FII and DII - October 2021 - Indian Equity Market The BSE Sensex has risen 50 Percent in the last one year and the NSE Primary index - Nifty50 has risen 52 Percent in the said period. Both indices have risen more than 20 percent in the current year so far. Recently the major indices of the Indian Equity market were traded at its Lifetime High. Currently, both indices are trading down around 5 Percent from its peak. However, we cannot say that this is the significant correction. BSE Sensex is at 59,307 points and Nifty50 is at 17,672 points at the end of the last traded session of October 2021. Generally, Indian Equity market is largely dominated by the Foreign Institutional Investors(FII) based on Net Purchase / Sales. The investment from the FII for the Indian Equity and Debt Securities will be substantial. With the Stock Market boom seen over the past one year and a half, the selling mode of Foreign investors are now on the Rise. Foreign investors have sold share

FII and DII Trading activity - 2018

FII and DII Trading activity - 2018 Last year 2018, the stock market was mostly down in the Trend. The Indian Stock market does not fall below the global market like much more than other countries. In the year of 2018, the NASDAQ fell down nearly 10 percent, the London exchange FTSE declines at 12 percent and the Japanese market down above 11 percent. The Chinese stock market felt down as worse with more than 23 percent. However the Indian market's NSE and BSE were at its low and closed in the green in the past year. Generally an outflow of Foreign Investors in the past will lead to disruption of the Stock Market in India. But now it does not happen. The influx of Domestic investors have now increased. It also happening due to the increase in the size of Indian investors in a Mutual fund investments day by day. It's a welcome and worthy one. In the past year, the Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) have taken out more money from the Indian Market. At the same time, the inflo

Monthly trading activity of FII and DII – November 2018

Monthly trading activity of FII and DII – November 2018 We have been talking about this for the past few weeks - Crude Oil, Dollar - Rupee, China-US Trade war, Fed rate hike, Bank and NBFC's (Non banking financial company) bad debt. Last November this year, Crude oil prices were fell sharply and Rupee gains against US Dollar. WTI and Brent Crude Oil prices went nearly $50 and $60 respectively in the end of november 2018 . Rupee against dollar was kept at below of Rs. 70 for the last month. When we said about the month of October this year, we raised a concern about whether the market is under the bear grip ? While we compare the last month with the October 2018, it was slightly different. However the trend of the market was changed. Still, we have to move cautiously as it may not be the better opportunity as an Investor compared November to the October. Crude and Rupee prices were given the support for the Indian stock market in the last month. As ongoing Elections, RBI data and GD

Monthly trading activity of FII and DII – October 2018

Monthly trading activity of FII and DII – October 2018 A good month for the Indian Stock Market this year is October 2018. Would you believe ? Obviously, it was a great journey for the Investors and Intradayers' in the last month, who had not seen the 2008 Bear hand. But, still the last month is a bearish one and not yet complete this great journey. We have to wait for an opportunity as an Investor, some stocks are trading nearby the valuation - not for most of the stocks. For Intra day, you should keep your eye on SELL - BUY. If you want to speculate now, you can't recover easily or immediately. Again i am telling, it's bear hand on time. Trade war, Dollar-Rupee conversion, Crude oil price change, Federal interest rate hike and Financial sector's bad loan pressure are the news keeping down the market for the past few months. The Net sales of Rs. 29,201 Crore for the October month by the FII in the trading activity. On the other side, the domestic investors (DII) had a

Trading Activity of FII and DII - January 2018 - Indian Stock Market

Trading Activity of FII and DII - January 2018 - Indian Stock Market   The Scary of tax for the Long term capital gains is the concern in the Indian Stock market and the expectation of rate hike in the US Federal cause a bit of noise globally. Recently, the RBI's (Reserve Bank of India) projected inflation at 5.1 % for the Jan - Mar 2018 and unchanged in the Bank Repo rate. Then the IIP (Index of Industrial Production) for the December 2017 slipped to 7.1 % . The IIP for the last november 2017 had at 8.4 % which was a 25 months high. But, still we are worry with some expectation how the market will move now. Here you can see, how the Indian stock market was moved in the January 2018 by the trading activity of FII (Foreign Institutional Investment) / FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investment) and DII (Domestic Institutional Investors)... FII and DII Trading activity for the month - Jan 2018:   ( Data Courtesy: Moneycontrol ) Open a Free Demat and Trading Account Online ! The Gross Pur