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Undervalued Stocks in 10 Different Sectors - Fundamental Analysis

Undervalued Stocks in 10 Different Sectors - Fundamental Analysis Although the Stock Market has recovered, the real economy has not yet recovered. In general, the economy and the stock market indices are two friends. At the same time, the level of simultaneous functioning is very low. When the economy collapses, it is hardly to say for sure that the Stock market indices would fall continuously. However, the impact of real economy would take place in the stocks for some time. Times can change if desired. In times of economic downturn, the chances of identifying good valuable stocks are also high. Here are few companies that are ready to satisfy the Basic Fundamental Analysis. The said stocks are based on Debt Free and undervalued by the Discounted Cash Flow(DCF) Valuation Method. It is noteworthy that the 10 stocks are picked from 10 different sectors. You too can explore these stocks with your Analysis and make an Investment Decision. ITC LTD SESHASAYEE PAPER PRODUCTS BHARAT SEATS GAND

Global Debt - is it creating a Bubble ?

Global Debt - is it creating a Bubble ? We are currently playing in the Recession 2020 globally. Despite the worldwide covid-19 impact, there are few factors that are heading to hurt the economy as worst. The Trade between two nation, Oil Crisis and the border violations are the key factors that due to the Economy. The Global debt is on the rise. The USD 20 Trillion(GDP) United States, had an external debt of 120 Percent to its GDP. The Public Debt is also increasing to 97 Percent to its GDP. The Second biggest economy, USD 14 Trillion China had an external debt of 17 Percent to its debt as comparing to the Emerging Nations, it is said to be the lowest level. However the Public debt to GDP is around 53 Percent. Japan had a highest public debt of 282 Percent to it's Debt. On it's external Debt it was around 97 Percent. Germany have a high external debt of 174 Percent to the GDP. The worst hit on United Kingdom is the public debt to GDP stood at 105 Percent and the External Debt

FII and DII Trading activity – June 2020

FII and DII Trading activity – June 2020 The Stock Market has been on the rise for the past three months since the fall of March 2020. However this is said to be as a Warning Signal. There is a big gap between the Current numbers on Global Indices and the Economy. For the period of June 2020 on trading activity, there are 22 trading days in the month. Both the Foreign investors and Domestic investors were came as a Net Buyers for the month of June. This moment was also happened in the month of May 2020. The FII had bought shares of worth Rs. 1,55,215 Crore and sold shares of worth Rs. 1,49,723 Crore in the last month. So, the Net Purchase was said to be Rs. 5,493 Crore. On the other side, the Domestic Investors (DII) had a gross purchase of Rs. 1,00,174 Crore and the gross sales of Rs. 97,740 Crore. So, they came up with Rs. 2,434 Crore on Net Purchase for the month of June 2020. Out of 22 trading days in the said above month, the FII and DII had sold their shares (Net Sales) for 10 da