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5 Things to consider Financially during Covid-19

5 Things to consider Financially during Covid-19 In the face of both the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and the Economic Recession, Financial Planning is Essential. It is important to note that every rupee spent unnecessarily in the current situation will affect the livelihood of others. The Unexpected Demand for Food and Internet service is beginning to increase, although most of the other services are not present. Keep the Food items in your home only when needed, you can buy for a week. Don't waste the Good Food. It is best to prepare and eat only on Hungry, as needed. This will make the Food available to others at a low cost. Staying home is not just idle, doing physical and Mental fitness for a while  encourages us to motivate. Focus on Good food - Nutrition and easily digested. Don't be fooled by the presence of TV, Mobile and other Tech Gadgets. You can create or work with your Favorite things at home, it's the time what you really feel in the past. Ignoring on Essential Com