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How to use SIP Investing effectively ?

How to use SIP Investing effectively ? The Great Mistake in SIP Investing that most of the people are not investing continuously until the end of the Financial Goal(s). Thus we may not be able to achieve the expected Target Amount or Proper Destination. This mistake can also affect or change our Family's Financial Position. It's like we just setting a Goal and do nothing in a series of work. For instance, If you need Rs. 1 Crore Corpus in 15 years, then you have to invest a monthly SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) of Rs. 14,800 /- if the expected rate of return is 15 Percent. If the expected rate is 7 Percent, then you have to invest a monthly contribution of Rs. 31,400 /- and if the rate of return is just 11 Percent, the SIP will be Rs. 21,800 monthly. If you think that your monthly investment is high or not fair with your regular income, then you can extend your deadline say 20 Years Plan. Otherwise, you can start the SIP with a little and then increase the SIP amount by ever