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Which Sector are you going to select for your Stocks ?

Which Sector are you going to select for your Stocks ? Market Indices are at High, Global Economy, Trade war between the countries may affect the quarterly results of a listed companies. There is no doubt that the investment in good stocks will give the investor with an excellent return on a long term, but without the expectation of Short term trend. Recently, the Banks and NBFCs are facing issues like NPA, Liquidity crunch and also with the bad news in Media. We cannot take and stand this as a healthy one for being an Investor. Even If we waiting for the upcoming Budget to the Indian Stock Market. Whenever there are things that affect Economy and Quarterly results, it is better to choose good and valued stocks – Especially effective Sectors. Generally, Strong sectors and its stocks should not be affected by the global economic factors. We have few sectors like these, Automobile Banking & Financial Services Consumer Goods (FMCG) Pharma & IT Services The said above s

Inflation up 3.05 percent in May and IIP growth up 3.4 percent in April 2019

Inflation up 3.05 percent in May and IIP growth up 3.4 percent in April 2019 The Consumer Price Index(CPI) Inflation in May 2019, increased to 3.05 percent, but IIP growth were up 3.4 percent in April this year. The Retail Inflation(CPI) was at 2.92 percent in the month of April. Retail Inflation in the month of May 2019, which is the highest in the last seven months. This is said to have risen due to higher Food prices. Earlier, the inflation for April 2019 was revised upwards to 2.99 percent from the 2.92 percent. However the inflation rate remains within 4 percent of the RBI Policy for the past ten months. India's average inflation were stands at 6.11 percent since the year 2012. Meat and Fish prices were increased to 8.12 percent and Vegetables at 5.46 percent in May 2019. Oil and Fat product prices were increased to 0.91 percent, but Fruits fell down to 5.17 percent during the same month. Housing inflation rose in May, but the cost of Clothing and Footwear declined. The Indust

FII and DII Trading activity – May 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – May 2019 Did you expect the Election 2019 results in India or Did you guess the market moves in the day of Election results 2019 ? Prior to the end of the Election in India, the market was heading towards a bigger rise, but at the end of Election results did not get a big boost. However one should remember that the Indian stock market is at the Peak now. Some one is saying that the Nifty50 will go up to 14,000 before this year and some may looking for the Bear trap which is down below 11,000 points. Bull or Bear, but the Earnings and Economical numbers are not up to the mark and it may not support for a long currently. Net buyers for the month of April 2019, is the net sellers of May 2019 for the Indian Stock Market. Likewise, the net sellers for the April are the Net buyers of May 2019, the DII (Domestic Institutional Investors) had bought more shares than the FII (Foreign Institutional Investors) in the month of May 2019 as per FII / DII Trading Activit