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Have you made Investment Insulation ?

Have you made Investment Insulation ? ' INVESTING ' means  the act of committing  money  or  capital  to an endeavor (a business, project,  real estate , etc.) with the expectation of obtaining an additional income or  profit . This is what the Investopedia describes.       Most of us while listening the word, 'Investing' is about thinking themselves, just putting some money on any Assets (Financial or Physical) and make a profit without knowing the importance of Financial Education. If somebody have  ₹ 10,000 /- or  ₹ 1,00,000 /- they simply buying an asset (Thinking that are Investing) without knowing the Risk of Investing.     Prevention is better than cure.     As for the Financial Education, Securing your assets whether financial or physical is mandatory. Securing your Assets / Investments is nothing but, it's an Investment Insulation. Investment Insulation protects your investments through the Insulation factors. It protects your daily financial life while y