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Mobilize Investment Opportunities - How it works for me

Mobilize Investment Opportunities - How it works for me     We are talking about Savings and Investing together. On the part of money, it's not about the same. Savings is a simple method to putting your money in a low risk instrument or nothing. It may yields some, but not as strong to beat the inflation. Your target is to make secure on your money. However, Investing is purely a risky one, a chance of losing your money at anytime. The Return on Investing gives a Risk - Reward consumption. Beating the inflation at a great and aware about the Knowledge of Investing. Everyone puts their money into the Budget Planning today and waits for the 'NULL'. I am saying that they are ready to prepare for the budget , but not planned to save. One of my Tech friend, telling his budget planning from X (Income) to Y(Expenses) - But he committed not to save. So, Where is the Y (Saving) ? Everyone is saying not having money to save or invest. Then, what about your Survival of the fittest ?

How to set a simple Budget Planning 2017

How to set  a simple Budget Planning 2017 ?: Budget is a term which referred to, ' A Sum of money allocated for a particular purpose  '. Annual Budget of a Government every year is an exciting one for everyone, but it's a Pokey (Laggard) one for announcing their own personal budget. Before making (or) set a Budget plan, we have to understand why we need a Budget (or) Budget Planning ? 'Budget' allowing us to create a Plan for Spending of our money and also it helps to ensure that we have a enough money for the things we need .   A personal budget   is a finance plan that allocates future personal income towards expenses, savings and debt repayment.   Investopedia also refers the following 6 Reasons, why we need a Budget:    It helps you keep your eye on the prize. It ensures you don't spend money that you don't have. It leads to a happy retirement. It helps you prepare for emergencies. It sheds light on bad spending habits. It's better