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How to ensure the Economic Recession ?

How to ensure the Economic Recession ? The United Kingdom is currently experiencing a 20 Percent economic decline (Negative GDP growth) for the second quarter of the year 2020. Most of the economists were also say it is heading for a fall which is not seen in the last 100 years. The United States were also experienced around 33 Percent (- 32.9 Percent) economic downturn in the Q2 2020. An Economic Recession is a temporary slowdown or decline in the numbers on Industrial Production and Trade. The Recession generally indicates that the Country's GDP is gaining Negative growth for the two consecutive quarters. The Industry will have not much growth in times like this. Most companies would experience a decline in their Earnings and few may declare the Net Losses. This has led to a slowdown in the Country's Economic growth. At the Same time, the period of recession is not well defined. It can last from a few months to Several years. We cannot say for sure when this situation will be

5 Sure things to lose your Money in the Stock Market

5 Sure things to lose your Money in the Stock Market The occasional ridiculous moment in the Stock Market is about Booking a Profit or Loss. Someone who explores stocks and buy the stocks for Long term Wealth Creation will be concerned and said that his stock price has not risen. In a Short period, one will be happy to have made many times more profit than the investment made. All of this is ridiculous in the Stock Market World. When we approach the Stocks like a Business and it needs attention and kindness on Finance and Governance. It is important to be patient in the long run and make profits at the Right Time. Whether you are a Day Trader or Long term investor, your luck will sometimes go beyond the Basics. It is good to keep it at the Right Time and the Proper level. But, whether you can find that luck is a very important one. The name of the Luck comes in the Stock Market as 'Business Fundamentals'. whether you are speculating or analyzing properly, the thing is in the bu