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Employee to Entrepreneurship - The road to Economic wisdom

Employee to Entrepreneurship - The road to Economic wisdom Most people are not willing to accept the workload in their jobs today. This may due to their expectation of Higher pay checks and Herd Mentality. The basic principle is most of the people are loving to get good salaries rather than responsibilities. There is a new word and it is more innovative than the 9-5 Day job in the current trend. It's a desire to start a new business or getting Entrepreneurship and retire young. But this road is not as easy task we think, however it is still possible in these days. Be Prepared for the below activities to qualify yourself for the Employee to Entrepreneurship Journey - The Road to Economic Wisdom, Be Debt Free or Reduce Debt: Things changed today, we are in the life of consumerism. Spending money for the unwanted things is not an inspired one for the Entrepreneurial Journey. Most of the business fails today, just because of Lack of Proper Financial Planning. Our trip will be comfor