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Growthmania - The Progressive way

Growthmania - The Progressive way   A man wants growth in his life need a fury over the society. So far achieved person in any field have some fury over the society and their environmental situation. For Instance,  “ Mahatma Gandhi ill-treated in South Africa “ “ Rising of Adolf Hitler in Germany” “Fidel Castro’s revolution in Cuba” “Vladimir Lenin Communist in Russia” From the above, one common thing is fury over the society that pull them up. Rich People in the world like Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Dhirubhai Ambani – Why they became a successful one ? Something, they did not get from the society in their earlier days. To fulfill their desire, they became a historic icon for us. If the person getting everything  from the society, they are not to think about the growth. Need and Desire moves the person towards the Growth. Growth should be a continuous progress, but not in a sudden growth. If it is like that, it’s a baseless building. Step by Step growth in a life