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Factors which decides on your Investment Decision

Factors which decides on your Investment Decision   “ ……… are subject to market risks . Please read the offer document carefully before investing . ”   Everyone knows about the Market risk on their investments and try accordingly. But, in an open space, most of us manipulating the term, "Risk". We know that Insurance is not an investment, it just protects our wealth. Still, we are making a wrong decision on Insurance, on behalf of Investments. We are telling ourselves that we don't have a time to read the offer document carefully, but not really caring itself before or after Investments. Still, it's everyone's choice to making a decision on their own. There are few factors that may help you to get into the Investment Decision making, with carefully. It takes with the four important factors are: Needs Goals Time Returns If you need to buy a home, then your goal may be a XYZ worth home and plan to acquire in the next 10 years and how could enjoy with yo