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How was the Nifty PE in the 2008 Financial Crisis ?

How was the Nifty PE in the 2008 Financial Crisis ? The National Stock Exchange's Nifty50 Index PE (Price to Earning) was 19.52 on Last Friday - 27th March, 2020. Earlier in that week, it was 17.15 on PE was a buying opportunity for the Stocks - 23th March, 2020. One of my investment buddy, Mr. Dev Asish, the Founder of Stable Investor ( He is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) ), had posted an article few years before about the guide to investing in Stock Market based on Nifty PE Ratio . Don't take the above instruction as an Investment advice. However this Price to Earning (PE) ratio of Nifty50 gives some insight into the Equity Market. That is, when you analyze a bunch of stocks with Good Fundamentals and you are planning to decide to buy that stocks - Now it's the time to look at the Nifty PE, whether i buy it today or later. While the Global Indices has claimed that the Covid-19 is currently taking place, but the Global Stock Market has been at peak for the p