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Is the Indian Stock Market going towards Crash or Correction ?

Is the Indian Stock Market going towards Crash or Correction ? Is the Stock Market in India were its Life time high, Would you planned for this ? While the Global economic factors have affected not only the Indian Stock market in the past one year, but for the other Global Indices. The Indian Stock Market touched a new at the start of the year 2019 - Nifty50 and Sensex. With the ongoing US-China Trade war and the Domestic elections results are the key factor for the Indian Stock Indices. Shares of many listed companies are trading in its 52 week low. Mid and Small Cap stocks are already fallen and expected to come up. Although there is an opportunity to buy these shares at a low price, the Top Benchmark indices were trading near the life time high - Nifty and Sensex. Global Market experts have already said that the Stock Market in India is Over valued and suggesting to be Cautious. What it tells to the Investors - The Three Key Factors. P/E (Price to Earnings) P/B (Price to Book

10 Commandments not to inspire you, but to Practice

10 Commandments not to inspire you, but to Practice We have reached the end of the year 2018. This year we may have been Ups and Downs. The year to end has given us many learning. But, we must try to change ourselves. If you want to change the world, just start with yourself first. Some of the things shared by my friend Mr. Yaagneshwaran Ganesh , was not only encouraging me, but also the actions we need to implement in each of our lives. These things you may already know or heard in your daily life. However the things are very fruitful. It gives more pleasure or satisfaction, when we practice but not only to inspire. It's not only for the Entrepreneurship. The Ten Commandments for each of us, Do not respond to Negativity Give without expecting to get Do not Nitpick as a hobby Create personal learning network of Friends Promote others good work. Do not try to sell, instead Educate Remember, your tone of Voice matters Connect with people honestly Choose to be kind over clever Keep th

How to find the right business for me ?

How to find the right business for me ?   The Entrepreneurial world is changing the way globally, Most of the people needs to start a business, but not just want. We knows that Globalization eases anyone not only for the business, that gives the powerful information. We can tell ourselves that, ' Need Money to start ' or ' Not '. Starting a business needs Nothing. It simply comes with a profit margin and a volume. Road side vendors are creating a successful business than Business owners who had spent a thousands of dollars. So, business needs a little courage with better confidence. Again i am telling to you, Business is nothing but a combination of Margin and a Volume. Here i will tell you, how to find the right business for you or choose the right business for me. There is a plenty of businesses and business models available there, as you can see by these technology, called Internet or Google :) Many business available may helpful to create an online content like th

7 Business Filters before starting your startup

  7 Business Filters before starting your startup   Everyone as a human runs behind the business and money in this Digital - Automation world. I mean that the business is like a job for someone and a passion for the other one, but its all about happening today with the ease of Information technology. Most of us, not just hating the present job, it's just like to starting a business is a fashionable way.   So, can we quickly jump into the pond of business world ? Being an Entrepreneur is not a easy word to pass, it's a lot of ability or work to build the trusts, relationships, feedback or emotional. To continue this great journey, we need to filter with the way before starting our Business / Startup.    7 - Seven Business Filters before starting your startup:   Choose a Effort based business. So, we have a confident to push on failure times. Build your startup with a low capital or investment and it should be ideal.   Get Innovative, but it should be reach to the consum

₹ 10 Rs Coins are Valid, as legal tender - RBI

  ₹  10 Rs Coins are Valid, as legal tender - RBI   The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) reiterates legal tender status of   ₹  10 Rs Coins of different designs and valid. so, the RBI says that public can continue to accept the 10 Rs coins as legal tender.   The reason for the reiteration, that in certain places there is reluctance on part of traders and members of public to accept   ₹  10 Rs Coins due to suspicion about their genuineness.   The RBI also clarified that puts into circulation, the coins minted by mints, which are under the Government of India.These coins have distinctive features to reflect various themes of Economic, Social and cultural values and are introduced from time to time.   Up to now, there are 14 designs are issued in  ₹  10 Rs Coins, so in the market for public have 14 different designs of  ₹  10 Rs Coins. All these coins are legal tender and can be accepted for the transactions.   Previously, the RBI also issued a press release on November 2016 , r

CPI Retail Inflation rises to 5.21 % - December 2017

CPI Retail Inflation rises to 5.21 % - December 2017   The Central Statistical Office(CSO) recently reported the Consumer price index (CPI) retail inflation for India, its rises to 5.21 % in the month of December 2017.    India's retail inflation for december 2017 is at 5.21 percent, and for the November at 4.88 percent, the october had its 3.58 %.   The current inflation of December as it had the 17 month high, since in the mid of august, 2016.   Food and beverages stood at 4.85 %, Clothing and footwear at 4.8 percent, and the housing, energy with 8.25 percent and 7.90 % respectively.   Earlier, the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) expected inflation for the second half of the financial year 2018, is between 4.3 to 4.7 percent. But it had crossed the expectation mark.   So, may the RBI changes the rates in the upcoming policy meeting. The next meeting for the policy will held on February 7, 2017.   As the RBI's expectation is not well, but the SBI said, i

Infosys net profits at 38 % - Q3FY18 Result

Infosys net profits at 38 % - Q3FY18 Result   Infosys - one of the Indian IT giant announced its Quarterly result (Q3FY18) this week with a remarkable 38 % Net profit as compared to last quarter for the financial year 2017-18.   The second largest company in the IT industry after TCS (Tata Consultancy services), had earned a net profit of Rs. 5129 Crores for the Q3 (Oct - Dec' 2017), with a margin of 38 percent plus.   The New CEO of the infosys, Salil Parekh said that the results are consistent at 8 % growth for the past few years and the recent quarter gives the strength to the concern.   The Revenue had with the 1.3 percent growth to Rs. 17,794 Crores. Tax expenses provision also reduced to Rs. 144 crores on QoQ, previously with Rs. 1,471 crores.   Recent quarterly result growth mostly comes from the Retail, Energy, Logistics, Telecommunication. Also the growth slow down to the Financial and Insurance services to 0.3 percent.               Kindly share your views

IRDA Claim settlement ratio 2017

  IRDA Claim settlement ratio 2017   IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development authority of India) declared the annual report for 2017 (2016-17) in their website recently (Jan 4, 2018), LIC India tops in the list of insurance companies on claim settlement ratio and related information for 2017.   In the Annual report, LIC India 's claim settlement ratio stands with 98.31 % for the year 2016-17 as listed in the top by IRDA.   The pending complaints of LIC is almost went to zero and the claims repudiated or rejected status at 0.97 %   The unclaimed of LIC reports with 0.31 %  out of total claims. on the other hand, private insurance companies dealt with 0.58 %           Private companies claim settlement ratio at 93.72 % is the lowest as compared with the LIC India and the claim rejected for private at 4.85 % out of the total claims.   These reports are based on the Individual death claims of life insurers and not with the group insurance.   While LIC India hits

Online Aadhaar Linking with LIC other insurance products and Mutual Funds

Online Aadhaar Linking with LIC other insurance products and Mutual Funds Today ( December 15, 2017 ), Supreme Court extends Aadhaar linking deadline to  March 31, 2018 and also note that Aadhaar proof is mandatory to opening a new Bank accounts. Generally, Aadhaar linking process are deal with Bank accounts, Insurance policies and Mutual Fund products, PAN, Mobile numbers. It's a good news on a short term, so we can have a time to update with Aadhaar ( Unique Identity with 12 Digit Random number). We have a different in Mutual fund folios, Banks, Insurance companies, Demat account with brokers, which we chosen or selected. Here we will see some of the products to update Aadhaar linking. LIC (Life Insurance corporation of India) Policies Other Insurance companies under IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) Mutual Fund Products Demat Accounts PAN (Permanent Account Number) 1)  Online Aadhaar linking with LIC Policies:   Go to:    http://www.licind

ETF vs Mutual Funds

ETF vs Mutual Funds Nowadays, Mutual Funds are the favorite one among most of the people. Bank Interest rates are ticking down and the India Inflation rate also around 3 - 4 %. Many of us, keen to invest in mutual funds with a simple knowledge or as plain (Not known). Last week, one of the reader requested an answer in  , Is it the time to invest in mutual funds and how the mutual funds differ from ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). I had posted my answer on reply. So, that's why i am looking here to share the related information in my blog about ETF and mutual funds. Generally, Mutual funds categorized as Two:   Debt Funds Equity Funds Debt funds are good, if you are looking like as a Bank FD (Fixed Deposit) or RD (Recurring). It gives a solid returns more than the Bank deposits. Indexation Benefit also available on LTCG (Long term Capital Gains), if you hold more than 3 years. Similarly, Equity funds have a LTCG benefit, if you hold on your investment more than one year