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How train up for Battle Field?

How train up for Battle Field?   The Rules available and applicable to battle field is ‘ To Win or To Die ’ in the field. There is no choice to step back. Which type of character is now need to achieve ? During summer the forest is full of drought. All animals are affected by starvation. One Tiger is also affected by starvation. It find a dead elephant in its path, even though full of hungry it won’t go for that dead one. It’s not its behavior , it could hunting the prey and eat. It’s only sustains the quality. Like wise people should known for his victory in the field or could die bravely in the battle field. Even Needle is better than Sword in the Battle. When our soul is filled by fury about our aim.   Two types of strategy usually followed in the battle field. One is the proper training before entering ; And the other one is getting train up in the field itself. Based on the withholding capacity of the people. Success is the continuous learning process. When you stopped the learni