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10 Commandments not to inspire you, but to Practice

10 Commandments not to inspire you, but to Practice We have reached the end of the year 2018. This year we may have been Ups and Downs. The year to end has given us many learning. But, we must try to change ourselves. If you want to change the world, just start with yourself first. Some of the things shared by my friend Mr. Yaagneshwaran Ganesh , was not only encouraging me, but also the actions we need to implement in each of our lives. These things you may already know or heard in your daily life. However the things are very fruitful. It gives more pleasure or satisfaction, when we practice but not only to inspire. It's not only for the Entrepreneurship. The Ten Commandments for each of us, Do not respond to Negativity Give without expecting to get Do not Nitpick as a hobby Create personal learning network of Friends Promote others good work. Do not try to sell, instead Educate Remember, your tone of Voice matters Connect with people honestly Choose to be kind over clever Keep th

Participatory notes investment of Rs. 79247 Crore in November - SEBI Data

Participatory notes investment of Rs. 79247 Crore in November - SEBI Data Participatory Notes is a fancy word for the Overseas Investors. Participatory Notes are referred as P-Notes or PNs are the investment products are helpful to invest by the overseas investors in the Indian Capital market through the registered Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI). The FPIs are issued the participatory notes to the overseas investors, so they can invest in the Indian share market without registering themselves directly with the SEBI. SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) is the market regulator, they can permit the Foreign Portfolio Investors to register and participate in the Indian Stock Market. After a 114 months low of  FPI investment, it rose to Rs. 79,247 Crore in the month of November 2018 . The Participatory Notes was hit a record high of 4.5 lakh crore rupees in the period of October 2007, it went down drastically for the last three to five years. The Trend said that after the change

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous thing in Investing

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous thing in Investing Have you a secondary income ? Practice to invest. Investment is the most powerful tool, that can only give solid returns for someone who needs. Investing does not mean that you just fill up your money. Investing is an Art.  Again, Investing is an Art. It can be great asset to you, a regular cash flow or income or a source of happiness for you. It is necessary to learn the art of investing. The learning of such investing in a proper and complete manner. Not just the word, 'Investment'. Luck will sometimes help you to make a profit in an Investment. But, the knowledge will only protect your Investment Capital. In the world of today, the Technology and Money have gone up. Only the little knowledge cannot be overcome. We need a effective knowledge or a better one to win the Rat-race.  Reading is a positive aspect of Investment. When it comes to investment reading, we have to take some of the following things, Importance and stud

12 must learn candlestick patterns - Technical Analysis

12 must learn candlestick patterns - Technical Analysis Charts are the heart of Technical Analysis for any Day-Stock traders to identify the Patterns and Trends of a Stock or Share. Forecasting a stock is nothing but understanding a stock with its Price Action. For the long term investors, the buy and sell price of a stock lies in the business - Fundamental Analysis. Where for the Day traders (Intraday), the entry and exit points were followed by its Charts - Patterns (Technical Analysis). In Technical Analysis, there are so many tools to identify the patterns and trends - but in common everyone eases with the Candlestick Pattern. It is a very useful and powerful tool, so that anyone can understand the price action of a particular stock. A movement in prices of a stock were shown graphically on a Candlestick Chart. These movement of prices will gives an indication whether to buy or sell a share. Candlestick Patterns are introduced by the Japanese in the 18th Century, that was used to

Foreign Direct Investment in India - FDI Inflow

Foreign Direct Investment in India - FDI Inflow Last day's US Fed rate declaration affected the stock markets globally as slightly. The Central bank has also been downgraded the GDP rate for US to 2 percent for the FY2019. The announced interest rate by 25 basis points to 2.5 percent from 2.25 percent, will impact in the upcoming months. The US administration was also ready to withdraw the sanctions of Rusal, The Russian Aluminium Company. After the move of Russian Billionaire Oleg Deripaska's reduce of his stake in Rusal, the Donald Trump government had taken the decision of Withdraw sanctions on Aluminium. Globally, the trade war between the nations is a key factor will decide the economic situation. India may have on this impact. Crude and Currency Changes are in Volatile, as the Economic growth can change too. The amount of Foreign Direct Investment in India also changing in the past few years, where the global market tells its concern. In India, the FDI data shows that it

The Driver’s Seat – Steering Wheel 2

The Driver’s Seat – Steering Wheel 2 Hello to Rich Investing Ideas Subscribers, here it is a continuation of my previous article - The Driver's Seat – what i learnt from life and what life taught me in various circumstances. Two stories make you to think different and change in view of life. Hope you all will like these stories and now i am going to discuss the following stories are heard and read somewhere in my life. Story 1: In a nursery school, the teacher teaching Maths to students( i.e children ) by the way of figuring a method like flowers, fruits, animals in numbers (2 flowers+2 flowers =?) teacher continuing her class and explaining how to add the numbers with the example of Apple. After completing the addition method in Maths, she want to examine the understanding level of children, how they understand so far. she started asking questions to all children, in the same way she ask question to one boy 4 apples+ 3 apples= ? What is your answer? How much apples do you have no

My Investment portfolio – updated as on November – 2018

My Investment portfolio – updated as on November – 2018 Ups and Downs are trending in the stock market for the past few weeks. As everyone can see their portfolio with a Volatility. The Indian Stock market worsened on October this year and it was quickly recovered in the month of November 2018. Due to the weaken of market, i had invested a little in my stocks section. My Stocks or Equity funds had a higher allocation of 25 percent, following by Debt funds with 19 percent. I have not increased any value on Bank deposits, currently the bank rates are not up to the mark. So, i may continue with the current percentage on bank deposits for this Financial year 2018-19. I am always eager to give much importance for my retirement savings . Currently, the Retirement savings on my investment portfolio stands at 55 percent on total. Global Factors like as - Crude oil prices, Currency change, GDP, Inflation leads the market and it also gives an opportunity to invest, on the market fall. Benjamin D

Monthly trading activity of FII and DII – November 2018

Monthly trading activity of FII and DII – November 2018 We have been talking about this for the past few weeks - Crude Oil, Dollar - Rupee, China-US Trade war, Fed rate hike, Bank and NBFC's (Non banking financial company) bad debt. Last November this year, Crude oil prices were fell sharply and Rupee gains against US Dollar. WTI and Brent Crude Oil prices went nearly $50 and $60 respectively in the end of november 2018 . Rupee against dollar was kept at below of Rs. 70 for the last month. When we said about the month of October this year, we raised a concern about whether the market is under the bear grip ? While we compare the last month with the October 2018, it was slightly different. However the trend of the market was changed. Still, we have to move cautiously as it may not be the better opportunity as an Investor compared November to the October. Crude and Rupee prices were given the support for the Indian stock market in the last month. As ongoing Elections, RBI data and GD