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Interest rate history of Public Provident Fund(PPF)

Interest rate history of Public Provident Fund(PPF) When it comes to Safe Investment or savings, the debt markets should be considered. Although the debt market investments are available in the mutual funds, but still we have a safer side on Banks and Post Offices. There are so many small savings schemes available in the above said. The state and private employees do not have a regular pension today, the Provident fund(PPF) is still attractive. If we see the PPF interest rate history over the last 20 years, it was decreasing due to the inflation rate. However it is always a good investment avenue for the retirement life. Prior to the year 2001, the interest rat for the PPF, was above 10 percent. On that period, Inflation in India is just a bit too high. From the year 1986 to 2000, the interest rate were stood at 12 percent. This is the rate that Mutual Fund investments are giving today. The period between 2001 and 2002, the public provident fund interest rate were seen at 9 to 10 perce