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Is the Indian Stock Market ready to Push up ?

Is the Indian Stock Market ready to Push up ? In the latest post, we have mentioned the factors that affect the Indian Stock Market. They are currently being modified. This may provide a temporary solution and stimulate to the Indian Economy. The Ministry of Finance said that the necessary changes have been made for the development of the Capital Market. Here are few changes said by the Finance Minister, Simplified Aadhaar based KYC for the NBFCs and Mutual Fund Services in India The Surcharge for FPI and Domestic investors being abolished. Pending of GST Refund payments for the MSME will be paid within 30 days. It has also been stated that matters about GST receipt will be resolve with in 60 Days. It is said that the CSR Violations will be taken as Civil offense and will not be considered as Criminal. The Angel Tax is withdrawn for the Start up business. Immediate allocation of funds for the PSU Banks with an amount of Rs. 70,000 Cr. The Super rich tax has also been abolished. Repo ra