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7 Business Filters before starting your startup

  7 Business Filters before starting your startup   Everyone as a human runs behind the business and money in this Digital - Automation world. I mean that the business is like a job for someone and a passion for the other one, but its all about happening today with the ease of Information technology. Most of us, not just hating the present job, it's just like to starting a business is a fashionable way.   So, can we quickly jump into the pond of business world ? Being an Entrepreneur is not a easy word to pass, it's a lot of ability or work to build the trusts, relationships, feedback or emotional. To continue this great journey, we need to filter with the way before starting our Business / Startup.    7 - Seven Business Filters before starting your startup:   Choose a Effort based business. So, we have a confident to push on failure times. Build your startup with a low capital or investment and it should be ideal.   Get Innovative, but it should be reach to the consum