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The Origin behavior of Society

The Origin behavior of Society   In the world last evolved animal is Human being, but the last evolved animal is endangering to ancestors of the world i.e. other animals. Genetically modification is still happens in all animals, but not in human. Because all animals were still surviving even though human create more problems to them like Deforestation, Greenhouse gases, climatic change, solar changes. Nowadays, the earth face more environmental changes but it affects more humans comparing to animals. The lifespan of the animals are same not changed, because they living in natural environmental condition. Human beings are struggling to live with their new technology. We ever notice that infertility rate is high among human beings compared to animals. What it indicates ?  New technology development brings infertility to human beings. Uncivilized animal become civilized, i.e. Human. Modification occurs in animal and also in the earth. Changes bring development to human, but destruction