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India's Foreign Exchange Reserves - It's Billion Dollar History

  India's Foreign Exchange Reserves - It's Billion Dollar History The Foreign Exchange Reserves are a needy for any Developing economy and for a Country which promotes on Exports. This would be taken care by the Country's Central Bank. Foreign Exchange reserves are generally the purchase or holding of any Global Currency in terms of Trade. Like, 'USD' is said to be the present common currency. There are various reasons that the Central bank have holding the Forex reserves like to control the value of the Currency. The exported country may receive it's revenue in Dollars(USD). The trader who executes the global export trade, can receive in USD and the banks would convert this into the domestic or local currency on behalf of Trader. Then usually the banks can transfer this foreign currency - USD to the Central Bank. The RBI(Reserve Bank of India) will be cautious about the value of the Indian rupee against the US Dollar. Increasing Foreign Exchange reserves is a p

Retail Inflation rose to 5.03 Percent in the month of February 2021

  Retail Inflation rose to 5.03 Percent in the month of February 2021 India's Retail Inflation(Consumer Price Index) was 4.06 Percent in the month of January 2021. According to the recent data, the retail inflation have risen to 5.03 Percent in the last month - February 2021. This is significantly higher than the Market Expectation of 4.83 Percent. The CPI Inflation rose in the last month, due to rising Food Prices. Food Inflation which were stood at 1.89 Percent in the month of May 2019, is now 3.89 Percent in February 2021. Similarly, the Pulses has risen to 12.54 Percent, where the Vegetable prices declined slightly to 6.24 Percent in the said above period. Clothing and Footwear were increased to 4.21 Percent from 3.82 percent. Tobacco and Housing prices were also increased. The prices of Fuel and Light fell to 3.53 Percent from 3.87 Percent. For the past one year, the CPI - retail prices has largely been above 6 Percent.    The RBI - Central bank has set a short term target of

50 Years of Economic Growth - GDP India

 50 Years of Economic Growth - GDP India  The Country's GDP was 0.4 Percent in the Third quarter of the current fiscal year 2020-21. This is the first time that the positive growth has been reported Since the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Lock down in India. The Economic growth fell by -24.4 Percent in the first quarter and -7.3 Percent in the Second quarter of this year. It was also said to be the biggest slump and fall Since 2013. Economic growth in October - December 2020 was 0.4 Percent, driven by the Economic Stimulus and Temporary High Consumption. However the country's GDP as a whole year will end in the Negative Territory. The Retail Inflation - Consumer price index(CPI) was as low as 4.06 Percent in January 2021, despite rising prices in the aftermath of the Corona Curfew. This is the lowest level seen in the last 15 months. India's Retail inflation averaged 6-8 Percent. It is noteworthy that the short term target of the Central Bank (RBI) on CPI Retail Inflation is said