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Perseverance and Inference - Know your Destiny

Perseverance and Inference - Know your Destiny   The Word, ' PERSEVERANCE ' and ' INFERENCE ', which plays everyone's life in a dramatic manner. These two things have related and fought each other that who could rule this part of human life. If Perseverance wins, then the people will get success in their life. On the other part, Inference will give the comment over success or failure of the people. The human life having the perseverance in their live field and the people who claim inference, are the audience rider. In the Forest, Deer stands to prey for a Tiger. If a tiger gets success in all attempts which tried, then the deer will exit. But, the deer breed survives till now due to their perseverance. It is an Evolution by the nature and If a tiger fails because of its inference, still it wants to try at a chance. Tiger will not give up due to its hunger, otherwise the breed of tiger will not exist. Now the people in this world, loud to appraise the achievement of