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India's recent GDP at 7.7 percent on growing economy

India's recent GDP at 7.7 percent on growing economy   The Fourth Quarter of GDP India recently reported by the Ministry of Statistics, grew at 7.7 percent as compared to the previous quarter of 7 percent, is a better one for the country. The 7.7 percent declared as India's GDP for the January - March 2018 and the last quarter of the FY 2017-18. Earlier the Government of India and Statistical Analyst predicted below the actual report, but it beats the estimate of the GDP concerned. As compared to the China's last quarter of Financial year 2017-18, India were just ahead of China's Gross Domestic Product stood at 6.8 percent. The First three quarters of GDP were at 5.6 percent, 6.3 percent and 7 percent respectively. So for that, the recent GDP result is a better view on a growing economy. The GDP growth mostly comes from the Agriculture, Manufacturing and Infrastructure. For the FY 2017-18, the GDP of India grew at 6.7 percent , but it still went down from the previou