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India's GDP Share of the Global Economy - 2019

India's GDP Share of the Global Economy - 2019 According to the economic outlook released by the IMF in 2019, India's Economy (GDP) is said to be $2.9 Trillion. Currently, the United States is the number one country in the world economy with about $22 Trillion. China is in the Second place which is valued at $14 Trillion. Japan ranks third and Germany at Fourth. India ranks in the Fifth position in the Global Economy. The country is also said to be one of the Fastest growing economy. In terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), China holds the number one position in the world. The United States comes in the Second and India is in the third position. India's Economy growing is due to the High Consumption and the emerging in the Service Industry. The Service sector holds the maximum percentage than the Agriculture and Manufacturing in India. It has contributed 60 Percent of the growth in GDP and 28 Percent of the employment has been generated through the Service Industry. Where

India's GDP growth to 4.5 Percent in September Quarter 2019

India's GDP growth to 4.5 Percent in September Quarter 2019 The Country's Economic growth slowed to 4.5 Percent in the Second quarter of current Fiscal 2019-20. The So-called economic growth is for the period of July to September 2019. Gross Domestic Product growth stood at 5 Percent in the previous quarter, which was seen as lowest in the past 6 years. The current growth slump is less than the Market's expectation of 4.7 Percent growth. The Spike in Manufacturing, Investments and the decline in exports have affected the GDP growth index. Over the past two years, there is an economy slow down globally. India's GDP growth was also fallen down for the Five consecutive quarters. While many changes have been made to boost the economy by the Government, but their arrival has been delayed. In the upcoming months, the REPO rate is likely to be lowered again. It is noteworthy that after the Implementation of Demonetization and GST, the expected investment inflows and Consumptio

India's GDP growth rate at 6.6 percent in Q3FY19

India's GDP growth rate at 6.6 percent in Q3FY19 The Q3FY19 for the GDP data was released today by the Central Statistical Office (CSO) in India. The third quarter of GDP growth is at 6.6 percent, it was seen at 8.2 percent in the First quarter. The Q2FY19 for the GDP growth were stood at 7.1 percent. The data released today by the CSO, making it clear that the growth was slower as compared to the previous quarter. The First quarter of this fiscal year 2018-19 has been revised to 8 percent, earlier it was at 8.2 percent. The Q2FY19 has also been revised to 7 percent from the 7.1 percent. For the current financial year, it was estimated at 7.4 percent in the December Policy. The GDP growth for the next financial year 2019-20 is projected at 7.4 percent. There is a 7.2 -7.4 percent in the first half and 7.5 percent in the Q3FY20. India's Gross Value Added (GVA) growth stood at 6.3 percent. Manufacturing Sector has under performed recently, even though the manufacturing is one of

Where are the stairs going ? - Indian Economy

Where are the stairs going ? - Indian Economy   When i am writing this post, Dalal Street was crashed and recovered a little (Negative), but not completely. Yet the fear due to on upcoming Elections. It's not only for India in the Stocks, but for the Wall Street too. Wall Street makes a record with the biggest drops because of the continuation on rise of Treasury Yields. The US economy was also induced on Global Bond sell off. However the US economy numbers were said that the Unemployment rate comes down to 3.7 percent from 3.9 % (September 2018). The Long term unemployment rate was also reduced to 0.82 % from 0.88 percent. Whereas the Growing and developing country's Unemployment rate (India) had raised to 6.61 percent from 6.32 % which it was in August, 2018. For the front, more people are taking their bag for the Entrepreneurship, on the other side it worries due to the unemployment numbers. Dollar-Rupee conversion support is not a good health for the growing country. This

India's recent GDP at 7.7 percent on growing economy

India's recent GDP at 7.7 percent on growing economy   The Fourth Quarter of GDP India recently reported by the Ministry of Statistics, grew at 7.7 percent as compared to the previous quarter of 7 percent, is a better one for the country. The 7.7 percent declared as India's GDP for the January - March 2018 and the last quarter of the FY 2017-18. Earlier the Government of India and Statistical Analyst predicted below the actual report, but it beats the estimate of the GDP concerned. As compared to the China's last quarter of Financial year 2017-18, India were just ahead of China's Gross Domestic Product stood at 6.8 percent. The First three quarters of GDP were at 5.6 percent, 6.3 percent and 7 percent respectively. So for that, the recent GDP result is a better view on a growing economy. The GDP growth mostly comes from the Agriculture, Manufacturing and Infrastructure. For the FY 2017-18, the GDP of India grew at 6.7 percent , but it still went down from the previou