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3 Key Factors for a Business Valuation - Stocks

3 Key Factors for a Business Valuation - Stocks Investing in Stocks can be a healthy one for Few People. For some, it can be a worrying moment. In any case, Investing in equity is just adding Wealth Creation for the Family. Small or Retail Investors may not be able to run a company like Listed Companies. They may not have the strength to manage it. But the few stocks in a listed company will also prosper in the Long run. The Main advantage of Small or Retail investors is that they can find good equity stocks and get the benefit of Compounding in the Long term. So, we are no need to do Big things, Invest in stocks what we know and find. Let that Company take care of its Corporate Growth. While there are several factors to analyze and find a good equity. Here are 3 Basic and Key factors that can be applied to any Business. Investors should therefore consider these three factors as a model for Business or Stock Valuation. Promoters Management & Corporate Governance Financial