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6 Steps to create an Investment Portfolio

6 Steps to create an Investment Portfolio Before investing your hard earned money (Monthly pay or Business) in any investment product, there are four key elements that you have to mind. They are the essentials of an Investment Opportunity. Needs and Wants Financial Goals Goal Period or Investment Duration Expected returns (Interest rate) % Simply putting your money in a Bank Deposit account or blindly investing in Equity - both will hurt you in the long run. One should consider the said above four elements to stay invested. For example, if Mr. X have a Financial Goal to buy a new house after 5 years. So, his wants or needs are considered here as, 'New House'. Generally, it is a Financial Goal. The Goal Period is about 5 Years. Finally he or she have to find the appropriate investment avenue to reach his 5 Years Financial Goal. On common, one should take less risk in a shorter period and take a moderate to high risk in the longer term to fulfill his Financial Goals.

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on February 2019

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on February 2019 When i posting this article, Nifty50 crossed 11,000 points and S&P BSE Sensex closed at 36,636 points in the Indian Stock Market. Small cap and Mid cap were rallied for the last three Trading days. Nifty Small cap 100 and Mid cap 100 earned a returns of 7.80 % and 4.70 percent respectively in the past one week. The Nifty50 has given a 6 percent return for the past one year, but the Mid cap and Small cap failed to benefit the Investors. The last one year return for the Mid cap 100 is (-10.20) percent and the Small cap 100 was down (-23.20) percent. Although the bear market in India has not gone yet, but the market has recently been improving. After with the Interim Budget 2019 and the border tension worsened, the Indian Stock Market has seen good progress. The Trade war between the nations has not yet stopped. After the end of February 2019, it looks favorable conditions in my Stock Portfolio. I have added a few quantity on TYRE Indus

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on December 2018

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on December 2018 It's my new Stock portfolio, i am posting here after quitting my regular job. After that I started to invest a little bit more aggressively. Prior to this, I had a long term strategy, and now i have invested in the stock market for my short term needs too. I did not recommend this initiative, what i am doing now. Everyone should try to see the Stock market as a long term investment. So, it will take care of you for the long life. Those with a short term goals or needs, they may choose mutual funds. Tata Motors standing position in my Stock portfolio, is still making a difference on my capital and as well as on Return on Investment(ROI). Now, the ROI for the Tata Motors for me is at (-40) percent . The Slowdown in sales combined with JLR has reduced the net profit. However it looks as if JLR and other business of Tata Motors are looking different, then it will be good on that scenario. In the last year 2018, the Stock market hadn'

My Investment portfolio – updated as on November – 2018

My Investment portfolio – updated as on November – 2018 Ups and Downs are trending in the stock market for the past few weeks. As everyone can see their portfolio with a Volatility. The Indian Stock market worsened on October this year and it was quickly recovered in the month of November 2018. Due to the weaken of market, i had invested a little in my stocks section. My Stocks or Equity funds had a higher allocation of 25 percent, following by Debt funds with 19 percent. I have not increased any value on Bank deposits, currently the bank rates are not up to the mark. So, i may continue with the current percentage on bank deposits for this Financial year 2018-19. I am always eager to give much importance for my retirement savings . Currently, the Retirement savings on my investment portfolio stands at 55 percent on total. Global Factors like as - Crude oil prices, Currency change, GDP, Inflation leads the market and it also gives an opportunity to invest, on the market fall. Benjamin D

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on August 2018

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on August 2018   Keep Learning and to teach the Fundamental Analysis is a regular skill for me, I am an avid value investor. The Previous quarter (Q4FY18) of my stock portfolio returns are at 11.21 percent. I am just telling the exact returns that what i am holding now, but not on the booking profits (Realized Gain). Already you know that the worst part of my stock portfolio, TATA Motors are making a loss of nearly 20 percent in the previous quarter (April 2018). Now, it's adding a loss of 10 percent i.e. (-30.12) percent and awaiting for the results of Expansion :) Currently, my stock portfolio returns are at 18.99 percent as on 31st August, where National Aluminium making a profit of 64 % and the next one is Infy at 50 percent. I accumulated a few in the Oil Sector. The Sector diversification stood at 40.37 percent on IT , 14.34 % with Banking, 12.55 percent on FMCG / Tobacco. Pharma stocks holding with 14.87 percent, Aluminium of 2.88 percent

My Investment portfolio – updated as on August – 2018

My Investment portfolio – updated as on August – 2018   You can view my last investment portfolio updated on April month of this year .  As i said in my previous part, retire early is not an easy task while we are committed to our daily needs and wants. One cannot avoid the basic needs, but we have to create a secondary source of income, if we really stick to the retirement plan. I have updated or added one percent on my stocks / equity funds, as the stock market reacted at its high. I am not worry about the trend of the stock market, because the investment made by me are purely for the long term. So, take a little bit of risk earlier is not a concern :) You can also notify that the basic deposits (Bank RD or FD) were reduced to one percent, due to the addition on stocks. Still, i am not concurring with the Gold, as the investment of gold went negative from the past 5 years. If we taken the gold as an investment in the year of 2012, it would give today the value of (-6) negative percen

My Investment portfolio – updated as on April - 2018

My Investment portfolio – updated as on April - 2018   Retire Early Plan (REP) is not an easy task for everyone, but investing regularly is a thing that boosts your plan for the Early Retirement. Investment Portfolio is nothing but, the aspect on our current Financial or Physical assets. Assets on Investment Portfolio describes everything like Stocks and Equity related funds, Debt Securities, Bank Savings and Deposits, Real Estate Property, Gold and any other alternate investments. So, it belongs to the transactions and current positions on this regard. On this Post, you can notify the investment portfolio looks with some diversification. As, i had said earlier that i am not investing in Gold and it's my personal view. I had a few changes on my Debt Funds and Bank Deposits. The Increase in Debt Funds were slightly change the percent in my Bank Savings or Deposits. I had also bought some equity shares on my account in the month of march and April 2018. I am believing that more than