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Castrol India's Net Profit of Rs.205 Crore - Q3CY21

Castrol India's Net Profit of Rs.205 Crore - Q3CY20 Castrol India Limited is a part of Castrol Limited UK, which is a subsidiary of London based British Petroleum Company. The company is said to be the second largest manufacturer in the Lubricant Industry in India. Castrol India, which has more than 70,000 retail outlets across India, was listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange in the year 1982. The Market Capitalization of this Company is around Rs.10,800 Crore. The Debt to Equity is Zero, it is virtually a debt free company. The Interest Coverage Ratio (ICR) comes with 237 Times and the Dividend yield were at 5 Percent in the past fiscal. Promoter Holding was 51 Percent and there is no pledging of shares by the promoter side. Recently, the company announced it's third quarterly results of the current calendar year 2020. The Revenue stood at Rs. 883 Crore and the expenses of RS.595 Crore at the end of September quarter. The Company's Net Profit is said to be Rs.205 Crore. Comp

10 Factors to read for the Fundamental Investing

10 Factors to read for the Fundamental Investing It takes patience in the long run to make money on Stock Market investing. At the same time, many of us lament that we had lost about 70-80 percent on investments due to holding a particular stocks for a longer period. This is about the wrong selection of Stocks and holding the bad one for a long way. Even if you had invested in Ten different stocks, not all the stocks will give you an immediate returns. Each stock will see it's own price cycle over a period of 5 to 10 years at different times. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch, so better invest in a Good Fundamental stocks. However if some basic factors are explored in the pantry at the stock we bought or going to buy, that is all the work for us. Although the stock price of Good Fundamental companies does not rise in the near term, but it will fetch you good wealth or returns in the long run. Good Companies can be defined as Debt Free, Good Corporat

7 things to know as an investor - Ahead of US Presidential Election 2020

7 things to know as an investor - Ahead of US Presidential Election 2020 The US Presidential Election is just a few days away. Global Indices have risen sharply since March 2020 Crash. US market indices traded at a lifetime high, just post fall of March. At the same time, the economy is not showing any signs of immediate recovery. Most countries are preparing for the curfew due to the fear of Second Wave - Covid-19. Although the death toll due to the Corona Pandemic is currently declining, but the number of cases are increasing day by day. As the Northeast monsoon in India is coming a little late, there is a chance of Heavy Rain and cold related infections in the upcoming days. Stock Market Indices are rising amid Trade war, Border Tensions, Volatility on Crude and Dollar and the recession is here. With the US Election set to take place in the first week of next month, Global indices are guaranteed to fluctuate in the coming weeks. As an investor, one should take some precautionary mea

Interest rates for Small Savings - October 2020

Interest rates for Small Savings - October 2020 With the increasing investment in Mutual Funds, Stocks and Bonds, the value of Small Savings in India has not diminished even today. Postal and Bank Small Savings Schemes are a boon for the Middle and Poor class families. The interest rates on Small Savings schemes are subject to change in every quarter. Generally, the rates for Senior Citizen Savings Scheme and Sukanya Samriddhi account are higher than other Schemes. At the beginning of the current fiscal 2020-21, the interest rates on Small Savings plans were drastically reduced. The Government had on September 30, 2020 released its interest rates for the Small Savings Scheme for the Period October - December 2020 quarter. It is also said that the interest rate for the July-September quarter will remain unchanged. The Interest rate for the Savings account under Small Savings Scheme will be 4 Percent. For the One year, Two years and Three years Term Deposit, the rate will remain at 5.5 P