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The Four Pillars of the effective Investing

The Four Pillars for the effective Investing Everyone is looking for a new investment opportunity by everyday. There are so many investment opportunities available, but not all investments are the same. Some investment products are less expensive, few are risk free and some may not yield the expected returns. As for the Investment equipment, most are determined by the mindset or behavior of the investor. Although some global investments available today, it simply varies from the mindset of every investor. Some people are choosing their investment avenues without knowing the risk factor on its investment. Some may miss the prospect of a better returns, despite the possibility of taking a Risk. This post will be for everyone who is looking for an investment opportunities with a different side. Whether you are looking for any investment opportunity or deciding on investment tools, here is a good thing for you. I am not come here to tell you about the income or returns you expect. But, it&

The Fantastic Four - Know this before Investing

The Fantastic Four - Know this before Investing When we go for Investing, we just blindly putting our money into some products that are ready to sell. We are not aware of the basic analysis about the term, Money or Finance. But still, our goal is to achieve a good profit on expectation. One can put their earned or reserved money into financial products, stocks, real estate property or any commercial things. Here are the four important things you should know this before invest it. Fantastic Four (SLRT): Safety Liquidity Returns Tax These four things are the primary that one should follow, before investing. For Instance, if i am going to put my money in a bank deposit - What about the safety of my money ? We need the least thing of Capital Protection rather than Capital Appreciation. I am not telling the Capital Appreciation is not important, but Protection is the primary one for anything. The Liquidity is nothing but, a cash - If i need my money that deposited, i want to bea