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Equity Investing Secrets - Lesson 1

Equity Investing Secrets - Lesson 1 Investing is an art for Wealth Creation. Although the Investing game with Equity varies in short to mid to Long term, and finally your long term friends succeeds. That's why i am happy to be a Long term Investor - Lot of Patience needs. For most of the human, the desire to make money immediately, to become Quick Rich. But there is no such thing has yet been found. There is no such secret to become Rich, but it's Wealth Creation Forever. And that is the reason why the Richest people in the world are more interested to build the Wealth and Relationship in the long run. The word, 'GROWTH' is defined to a Long term. We need time to grow our investments. If you are becoming a Millionaire in the next 5 years, then what next to do ? It's a $ Million question that you cannot quit your Career or Business after 5 years. We need experience, We need the continuous growth, We need profits and we really need a Wealth forever. So, we are trying