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A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous thing in Investing

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous thing in Investing Have you a secondary income ? Practice to invest. Investment is the most powerful tool, that can only give solid returns for someone who needs. Investing does not mean that you just fill up your money. Investing is an Art.  Again, Investing is an Art. It can be great asset to you, a regular cash flow or income or a source of happiness for you. It is necessary to learn the art of investing. The learning of such investing in a proper and complete manner. Not just the word, 'Investment'. Luck will sometimes help you to make a profit in an Investment. But, the knowledge will only protect your Investment Capital. In the world of today, the Technology and Money have gone up. Only the little knowledge cannot be overcome. We need a effective knowledge or a better one to win the Rat-race.  Reading is a positive aspect of Investment. When it comes to investment reading, we have to take some of the following things, Importance and stud