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First Indian Company to Million Vehicle Sales - Great Tata Motors

First Indian Company to Million Vehicle Sales - Great Tata Motors After acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover(JLR), Tata Motors has suffered with many issues in the Automotive Industry. The Chinese trade policy and the Brexit deal in the United kingdom were downgraded the JLR Brand. Tata Motors reported its net loss of Rs. 26,000 Crore in its Consolidated Revenue, in the last quarter - Q3FY19. However, the company alone itself had taken a net profit of Rs. 618 Crore and revenue of 16,200 Crore rupees in the last quarterly results. The Tata Motors alone profit was six times more than the Q2FY19 net profit. In the year of 2018, Tata Motors reaches the One Million Vehicle Sales Record and achieved this position as it is ranked 16th in the Automobile industry globally. T he company has sold 10.49 lakh (One Million) Vehicles worldwide in 2018. Tata Motors was the first company to sell over one million vehicles in a single year. The Vehicle sales came from Light Vehicles include Cars, Vans, Small

Are you ready for the Rainy Season - Emergency Fund ?

Are you ready for the Rainy Season - Emergency Fund ? How many of us try to take the umbrella in the Rainy Season. Do you think the rain did not come, when we have an umbrella ? Even if you do not do it during the rainy season, it is better to keep your Financial Planning in Advance. Nowadays, there is lot of job opportunities and also there is a competition in getting employment. More than that, Changing a company to another for the employees are more. Some one can get the promotion in their job, some have lost their jobs today. A challenging thing is how we deal our Financial life, when there is a job loss or loss of regular income. The question is what we are going to do for our monthly income when it happens. Even if we are changing to new jobs or business, we have to prepare for our Temporary financial obligation. So, that is why we need to create an Emergency Fund. Emergency Fund will help you on the time of any unexpected economic loss or temporary financial crisis. How can an

5.62 percent growth of Air Traffic in India -February 2019

5.62 percent growth of Air Traffic in India -February 2019 The number of Foreign travelers visiting India is increasing by every year, but the recent growth of Indian Airline's revenue is not significant. Few of the airlines in the country were in Financial crisis. In the domestic transport, the Indian airlines has witnessed 5.62 percent growth in the month of February 2019. The 5.62 percent growth is considered the lowest growth in domestic service over the past five years. The number of domestic passengers in February was 1.13 Crore, it is noteworthy that earlier it was 1.07 Crore passengers. The Inter globe Aviation Airlines - Indigo had a growth of 15 percent in the Passenger traffic with 49.31 lakh passengers. Spice jet and Jet Airways had 15.58 lakh and 12.92 lakh passengers respectively in the said month. Spice jet saw a 17 percent growth in the domestic passenger service, while Jet airways had seen a 28 percent drop in its number of passengers. Already Jet airways were in a

Link your Aadhaar to your PAN – Before 31st March 2019

Link your Aadhaar to your PAN – Before 31st March 2019 (Extended to September 2019)* If you are not an income tax payer, but you may received an Email from the Income Tax Department recently (Income Tax India E Filing Website). That email tells you the timeline of link your Aadhaar number with your PAN (Permanent Account Number) before 31st March, 2019. You cannot file the income tax returns in future, if you do not link the Aadhaar to your PAN before the said date. It is said to be better link the Aadhaar Number with the PAN, even if you are not a regular Tax Payer. Still, there is an exempt for the below categories from PAN-Aadhaar linking process. It is also not mandatory for the following persons, Resident Individuals in the state of Assam, Jammu and Kashmir and Meghalaya Individuals who are not citizen of India Individuals who are Non-resident Individuals who are 80 Years or Above. For linking Aadhaar Number with your PAN, just go to the below link, Income Tax India E

Top 5 Long term Equity Mutual Funds to invest in 2019

Top 5 Long term Equity Mutual Funds to invest in 2019 The Rise of Indian Stock Market - India's Trade deficit is in favor of the Market as the imports were decreased in the month of February 2019. Moreover the market lifted by the Dollar-Rupee Change in the recent weeks. As a Emerging economy, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rate is also satisfying, the Indian stock market has long gone towards good income growth. At the same time, some of the rating agencies have indicated that the Indian Market is at high or overweight. In the current situation, the market is likely to meet a small correction, and the growth will be healthy in the coming period. Exposure to Market growth will be revealed in the shares of Good valued companies. All kind of stocks are likely be bullish in the Bull Market. However, in the long term the valued stocks will only benefit the Investor inn the Stock Market. Stocks have long been a good source of income and the prospect of Adding Wealth. Moreover, the Fin

India Trade deficit slipped to USD 9.6 Billion in February 2019

India Trade deficit slipped to USD 9.6 Billion in February 2019 India's Balance of Trade were improved in the month of February 2019, as the trade deficit slipped to USD 9.6 Billion. This is the lowest trade deficit Since September 2017. In the year 2018, for the same period it was seen that the trade deficit were at USD 12.3 Billion. Mostly, the export numbers were driven by Engineering goods, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals. In the Balance of Trade for India, the exports were increased by 2.4 percent year on year to USD 26.7 Billion. The Drugs and Pharmaceuticals holding with 16.1 percent and the Engineering goods of 1.7 percent in the Exports. On the same time, the Import numbers were declined by 5.4 percent to USD 36.3 Billion, which was a positive sign for the Country (26.7 Billion - 36.3 Billion = -9.6 Billion) - Trade deficit. For the imports, it was driven by Gold, Oil and Electronic goods in the last month. The Gold imports were declined by -10.8 percent. The decline in Oil impo

How to Find good stocks simply in the Indian Stock Market ?

How to Find good stocks simply in the Indian Stock Market ? The Sensex Crossed 37,000 points in the Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) and Nifty50 has been got its support level at 11,000 and now it is trading above 11,200 points in the National Stock Exchange (NSE). The Election dates were also been announced in the last week, currently there are no other news that cannot bump into the Indian Stock Market, except the election messages. Generally, the Indian Stock Market's Indices have remained largely in the course of every Parliamentary election days. After the results of the election, the market has been mostly reached in a certain level and thereafter it went on Bullish. In this Current year 2019, it was seen as a period of time to buy shares between March and May. However, it is the challenge now to find out the good stocks as an Investor. While most of the stocks is on the rise, if the market is Bullish. But, Good and valuable shares only will give the investor a better return for th

Measuring Equity Valuation Index(EVI)

Measuring Equity Valuation Index(EVI) Beware, don't ask if the Stock Market in India is currently Bullish or Bearish. I say it is the time to invest. The Current brilliance is to make a small investment in selecting valuable Stocks and invest in those. It is good for everyone to invest now rather than thinking based on Long term Investor or Short term Trader. Find out the real earnings and value of the listed companies and stick to invest in it. Although there are so many fundamental analysis factors, these four important factors will tell the overall market situation in Stocks. Even if you have already heard these factors, such things are very vital for the Long term Investment Strategy and it gives a bonus features on your Investing. Price to Earnings (P/E) Price to Book Value (P/B) G-sec X PE Market Cap to GDP(Gross Domestic Product) One can know the Price to Earnings per share, as a basic level. We should not only consider the P/E of a stock or an industry, but for

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on February 2019

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on February 2019 When i posting this article, Nifty50 crossed 11,000 points and S&P BSE Sensex closed at 36,636 points in the Indian Stock Market. Small cap and Mid cap were rallied for the last three Trading days. Nifty Small cap 100 and Mid cap 100 earned a returns of 7.80 % and 4.70 percent respectively in the past one week. The Nifty50 has given a 6 percent return for the past one year, but the Mid cap and Small cap failed to benefit the Investors. The last one year return for the Mid cap 100 is (-10.20) percent and the Small cap 100 was down (-23.20) percent. Although the bear market in India has not gone yet, but the market has recently been improving. After with the Interim Budget 2019 and the border tension worsened, the Indian Stock Market has seen good progress. The Trade war between the nations has not yet stopped. After the end of February 2019, it looks favorable conditions in my Stock Portfolio. I have added a few quantity on TYRE Indus

FII and DII Trading activity – February 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – February 2019 On 14th February, it was not a Valentine's Day this year in India. About 40 Soldiers were killed in a Major Suicide attack in the Pulwama District of Jammu and Kashmir. In response, the Indian Air Force (IAF) attacked the terrorist where they stayed in the Balakot of Pakistan. It was reported that 300 Terrorists were destroyed by the IAF in the Balakot Air Strike. The Stock Market, which had been in the place of Down trend for more than ten days in the period of February 2019. It was getting to climb a little over the next three days, meanwhile the tensions in the border between India and Pakistan were also caused a Staggering moment in the Indian Stock Market. Pakistan's KSE (Karachi Index) reported a tumor in the border on Wednesday (27-02-2019), with a loss of more than 4 percent or about 1500 points. The Nifty and Sensex too volatile in the said period of IAF Air Strike. Generally, the Terror attack and Trade war were the recent

India's GDP growth rate at 6.6 percent in Q3FY19

India's GDP growth rate at 6.6 percent in Q3FY19 The Q3FY19 for the GDP data was released today by the Central Statistical Office (CSO) in India. The third quarter of GDP growth is at 6.6 percent, it was seen at 8.2 percent in the First quarter. The Q2FY19 for the GDP growth were stood at 7.1 percent. The data released today by the CSO, making it clear that the growth was slower as compared to the previous quarter. The First quarter of this fiscal year 2018-19 has been revised to 8 percent, earlier it was at 8.2 percent. The Q2FY19 has also been revised to 7 percent from the 7.1 percent. For the current financial year, it was estimated at 7.4 percent in the December Policy. The GDP growth for the next financial year 2019-20 is projected at 7.4 percent. There is a 7.2 -7.4 percent in the first half and 7.5 percent in the Q3FY20. India's Gross Value Added (GVA) growth stood at 6.3 percent. Manufacturing Sector has under performed recently, even though the manufacturing is one of