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My Sibling Failure

My Sibling Failure   Are you want to be a loser ?   Can anyone have the guts to want to be a loser. May be not for all !   Yes , i want to be loser all the time. It's my Self-reliant statement. Why because, i face the success very often but my sibling is travel with me through out the life. So, i must give the value to my sibling - " FAILURE ". People in the world, mostly don't like to fell down or fail, but i like to do. I love to face the failure, but afraid to hold the success. Why i am getting afraid to hold the success, while other people in the world are celebrating their success, even in little things too. The Reason behind is, I am greedy. If i taste the word of success, i want more and more, an Endless one. For the Endless one, i have to travel with my sibling. In the world, the success people one may belonged to the poor family, unknown in struggling time, Even after getting as fame, they still enjoy with the same lifestyle what they had in the past. Because